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How to Help Your Elderly Parents with Their Joint Pain

Your elderly parents may begin to experience joint pain that makes daily living difficult to cope with. However, there are great ways to help your parents overcome the discomfort from joint pain. Use these techniques that are recommended by others for alleviating pain in the knees, hips and elbows.

Massaging a Stiff Joint

You or your elderly parent can learn how to massage a stiff joint to improve its mobility. It is essential to learn how to do this properly to avoid additional damage to the delicate cartilage. A gentle massage can soothe the tender tissues along with stimulating the production of synovial fluid to reduce pain.

Using Heat Therapy

Many older adults often have joint stiffness in the morning, so to alleviate this problem, have electric warming blankets or heating pads available. By using electric blankets at night or a heating pad in the morning, your elderly parent can have a reduction of joint discomfort early in the morning.

Treatments with Stem Cells

Researchers have found ways to remove the stem cells from donated umbilical cords to provide stem cell therapy to patients. The stem cells are added to platelet-rich blood plasma for an injection into the bloodstream to rejuvenate the body, including the damaged cartilage of arthritic or injured joints. This is an easy treatment to receive at a medical facility. Additionally, it is possible to have more than one therapy session.

Taking Dietary Supplements

There are several dietary supplements that experts recommend for alleviating joint pain. Visit a drugstore to buy omega-3 fatty acid supplements or glucosamine tablets to reduce joint stiffness. By taking these supplements according to the directions on the labels, your parents can have a reduction in the pain in the joints of the body.

Gentle Exercise Routines

If an elderly parent has joint pain, then sitting or reclining constantly will make the condition worse. It is vital for an older person to exercise using a gentle program that might include yoga postures, stretching or swimming in warm water. Your parents should learn how to exercise for only a few minutes several times a day to keep a painful joint lubricated and flexible.

Talk to the Physicians

Make sure to arrange a consultation with the physicians who care for your parents. Discuss what types of treatments are safe and recommended for your elderly parents. Next, have a meeting with your parents to make plans for improving the health of their joints.

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