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How to Help Your Family Stay Positive in Self-Isolation

For those of you struggling with quarantine, you have options when it comes to dealing with any feelings of self-isolation. Whether you are dealing with COVID-19 related blues or something else, you should consider this list. Read on to learn about seven ways your family can remain positive.

1. Be Creative

It is a known fact in the mental health world that being creative can help you if feeling isolated. So think of ways your family can achieve this. Try to find activities that all of your family members will enjoy.

You likely have supplies at home. But you can find great deals when shopping, too. And don’t forget you have a lot of DIY instruction available online. Your ideas are limitless.

2. Keep a Gratitude List

When you list what you are thankful for, you do not dwell in the negative as much. So find a way to jot down your gratitudes. And encourage your family to do this. You only need something to write with and a piece of paper. But you also can find journals and other notebooks at your local businesses and through online retailers.

This is something your whole family can enjoy, too. You can even do something as simple as sticking some paper on your fridge. Every day your family members could add something to this gratitude list.

3. Get More Shut-Eye

A positive mindset is more obtainable when you get enough sleep. And not just that, you also need quality sleep. If you or family members are having sleep issues, you are not alone. You might just have to mix up your approach to sleep. But do not worry. You can find ways to get a better night’s rest.

Think about changing out your home’s bedding. Consider adding fans to your bedrooms, too. You also can shop for innovative products like sound machines or other tech gadgets to help your family sleep better.

4. Find Ways to Exercise

Exercise must be a priority for your family. It is not just for your physical health. It also is important for your mental health. Even 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise five days a week can work wonders for you all.

Ideas for you to consider are cycling, jogging, and walking. Yoga and swimming would be great for your family, too. And don’t forget that house-work is a great way to get in some exercise. Consider, for example, landscaping. You get a light workout in while sprucing up your yard.

5. Consider Changes to Your Diet

Did you know dietary changes can impact your mood and overall mental health? And it can help you stay positive when dealing with feelings of self-isolation, too. Don’t forget to look at diet and how it is impacting your family.

Some foods you might want to add to the mix include berries, broccoli, dark chocolate, and salmon. And you may want to limit high fat intake, processed sugars, and items that are highly refined. Just make sure you get certified expert advice before making diet changes.

6. Make Time for Meditation

If you have not thought about meditation, you should be giving this some serious consideration. It can be helpful for your family when dealing with feelings of self-isolation. You can find resources online and in your community.

There are blogs and videos you can access that contains meditation tips. You also can locate guided meditations. And you can turn to a certified mental health professional to help you, too.

7. Enroll in Counseling

You and your family members should not ever feel embarrassed about getting mental health services. And you should not ever put that need on the back burner. A counselor could help you all.

Look for good counselors and therapists in your area. For example, if you live in Georgia consider searching for counseling in Alpharetta, GA, or the Metro Atlanta region, or search using your location. You have options, but make sure you find someone with experience. And make sure you only use a counselor who will create a unique care plan suited for your family’s specific needs.

You All Can Do This

Your family can make it through these feelings of self-isolation and come out on top. Use one or more of the ideas presented above. And don’t forget to seek input from your family, too.

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