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How to Host a Community Baby Shower

The U.S. is the most expensive country in the world to have a baby, according to a 2013 Truven study. Charges for delivering a baby ranged from $29,800 with Medicaid to $51,125 with private insurance. On top of that, the average cost of raising a child in the first year is more than $10,000 for a single parent with an income of less than $60,640, according to the USDA. Although the cost of having and raising a baby is high, nearly 4 million children were born to families of all types in 2012. One way you can help a pregnant friend struggling to make ends meet is to organize a community baby shower.

Spread the Word

It won’t be much of a shower if no one shows up. You’ll want to invite pregnant women and new mothers to the event as well as people who can donate their time and gifts to make the shower a success. Try reaching out to your local March of Dimes chapter or another organization that supports pregnant women in your area, to see if they will offer support. You can also hang posters and fliers at your church, local schools and neighborhood supermarket.

To collect volunteers, look to your social circle first. Send out an email or call friends who might be interested in helping out. Once you have a core group of people, start a Facebook group, so that you can bounce ideas off one another. Open the group up so anyone who wants to help can join in, but make sure the mom-to-be doesn’t find out anything!

Pick a Theme

Choosing a shower theme can make it easier for the planning process to come together. We guarantee you, the entire community is sick up pretty pink and baby blue. Do something different with a modern safari-inspired shower or a fun moo-la-la cowgirl set up. Look at party supply sites like to find inspiration and the best deals.

Make a Gift List

The whole point of a baby shower is to “shower” expectant moms with gifts for their baby. Put together a gift list of items new moms need, such as diapers, blankets, onesies and bottles. Create a baby registry at a retailer such as Target and add specific items to the list. Using a registry will help manage the volume and type of gifts people bring and will help you avoid having a pile of clothes to give but little else.

Slyly encourage the mom-to-be to create an inspiration board on Pinterest for her new baby so you can take clues from her pins and nail down her style.

Divvy Up Tasks

As the date of the shower approaches, it’s time to figure out who will be doing what. Consult your volunteers to see what they are comfortable handling, whether it’s helping decorate, creating guest gift baskets or contributing food and drinks. Use an app such as Wunderlist to make a shower to-do list and assign tasks to your volunteer team. Check in with your volunteers about a week or so before the event to make sure everything is on track and there won’t be major snafus or issues on the day of the shower.

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