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How to Keep Grandma and Grandpa Safe in Their Golden Years

Grandma and grandpa are happily living in the home that they raised your parents in many years ago. They’re proud to be independent as they enter their senior years. It’s true that many older people live in their homes for several decades during retirement. To help grandma and grandpa feel safe, consider these tools and changes during their golden years.

Try Smart Sensors

Keeping your grandparents safe gives you an excuse to use today’s technology. There are sensor systems that tell you if a person is sitting in the living room or lying in bed. These sensors make it possible for you to know if your loved one is safe without violating their privacy. Sensors will notify you through smartphone notifications if there’s anything unusual, such as a person detected on the carpet.

Grab Bar Installation

Although it’s an old-fashioned safety tool, grab bars remain as one of the most important items to have in the senior household. Place these grab bars near showers and toilets. They’re even helpful in guest bathrooms. They simply give a person a sturdy area to catch themselves in case of a fall. The bars must be installed directly to the home’s wood beams to be effective supports.

Pull Up the Rugs

Those decorative rugs may look spectacular, but they’re definitely a hazard in your golden years. Roll up the rugs, and appreciate the hardwood or laminate floor underneath them. Wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and bare feet will safely tread across the floor. Professionals, like those at Knafo Law Offices, know that slips and falls are one of the most common dangers for seniors. Broken hips and further medical issues might be the result of a fall from a misplaced rug.

Consider Medical Alarm Jewelry

Wearing necklaces or bracelets with medical access are valuable tools. With the press of a button, your loved one connects directly with medical personnel. There’s normally a monthly fee for this service, but you’ll always have the peace of mind that any medical issue will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Use your best judgement when it comes to visiting and checking on grandma and grandpa. Most seniors have routines that they adhere to each day. If you call at a regular time with no answer, try to swing by the house. Although most concerns turn out to be false alarms, you don’t want to miss an issue that may need your attention. Being a caring grandchild to your grandparents will only help them live out their golden years to the fullest.

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