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How to Keep Your Backyard Safe for Your Kids to Play In

Our homes and yards should be a place where kids are safe to explore and grow. This is why we’re vigilant as parents. Many parents take time to babyproof inside their homes, but what about outside? Once your children are old enough to explore nature, you should make sure that your backward is safe enough to do so. Here’s how.

Installing a fence is a great way to keep your yard safe. It not only prevents little ones from leaving but keeps out people or animals that you don’t want in your yard.

Remove Hazards

Of course, a fence doesn’t protect your kids from what may already be in your yard. It’s important to remove any debris. This might mean nails after you build or remodel your home or add a roof. Remove any tripping hazards, including rocks, from the lawn. Make sure any cords or cables are secured.

The easiest way to spot and remove any of these hazards is to keep your lawn at a manageable height. This makes it difficult for animals to hide in the grass. Another benefit of a tamed lawn is that fewer bugs will hide out in it. Once your lawn has been trimmed or mowed, make sure to keep those appliances away from children and to keep any keys out of their reach. Furthermore, don’t leave cans of gas or other chemicals where children can come into contact with them. These items can be safely stored in a locked shed.

Trees provide several hazards in a yard. A loose limb might come down during a storm. Roots can trip little ones. Branches on the ground can be quite sharp. And if a tree isn’t healthy, it could splinter and break at any time. For these reasons, many parents consider tree removal services as part of their plan to keep their backyards safe for children to play in.

Keep Play and Recreation Areas Safe

Once you’re past basic safety measures, you might add fun things. However, even playground equipment can be dangerous if not properly installed or when misused. When adding a swing, make sure there is enough room for the child to swing without hitting any obstacles — including other kids! Cover the ground below it with mulch or wood chips.

Finally, be extra careful with pools. They should remain covered when not in use. An alarm near the pool can keep curious children out of the water.

Of course, some risks slip by, which is why it’s important to always supervise your kids in the backyard to keep them safe.

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