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How to Keep Your Car Safe When You Don’t Have a Garage

Keeping your car in good condition has a number of benefits. It maintains a higher resale value, retains aesthetic appeal, and increases the car’s probable lifespan. The best way to keep your car safe when you’re not driving it is to store it in a garage. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you don’t have a garage at your home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your vehicle even if you don’t have a garage. Here are five ideas.

Invest in a Car Cover

This is the single most important step you can take to keep your car safe. A car cover will protect the vehicle’s exterior from the nastiest of the elements, like hail which can damage the roof and bird droppings that can corrode the metal. With a car cover, you’ll avoid having to call that auto hail repair company at all.

Be Careful Where You Park

Choosing a good parking spot is key to keeping your car safe. Avoid leaving the car under fruit trees, as these tend to drop corroding sap on the top of the vehicle. If you have to park in the street, avoid the busiest areas that make an accident more likely. A quiet, open area makes for the best possible parking spot.

Lift Your Wipers

If your car is left in the sun on a hot summer day, the windshield will gather and retain a tremendous amount of heat, which will then be transferred to the rubber of the windshield wiper blades. The heating of the rubber will hasten the deterioration of the blades. You can avoid this problem with a very simple trick: lift the wipers off the windshield if you park your car in the sun.

Use Trim Protectants

Your car’s exterior plastics and rubber mouldings tend to deteriorate faster than the rest of the vehicle. Apply trim protectants to these parts to keep them safe from the elements. That way, you won’t watch the plastic become brittle and chalky before your eyes.

Apply Water-Repellent Solutions

Acid rain and watermarks have a nasty way of ruining your windows and windshield. Water-repellent cleaning solutions help mitigate these recurring problems.

In a perfect world, we would all have garages to keep our vehicles safe. Unfortunately, this is far from a perfect world, and many of us have to expose our cars to the elements. At least we know how to do so safely.

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