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How to Keep Your Family and Home Safe from Uninvited Pests

Not only can pests harm your home’s components, but also, rodents, spiders and insects can transmit diseases or pathogens to humans. If you want to keep your family safe from the dangers of uninvited pests, then you must do a variety of different things. Here are a few ways to keep your home safe from pests.

Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Many types of pests are looking for food, moisture and places to nest, so if you have a messy or dirty home, then it is the perfect place for cockroaches and mice to thrive. Avoid having piles of clutter throughout your home because this is where pests can hide. The piles of laundry and other items in your home will also collect dust that attracts pests. Throw the unneeded items away before organizing what is left in your home. Have your possessions stored in furniture or in plastic totes so that vermin can’t contaminate the items.

Avoid Carrying Pests into Your Home

It is possible to bring pests home from another location, so make sure to inspect and wash any items that are brought into your home. A cockroach might enter a supermarket’s paper bag, and you can bring it home with your groceries. Your child might attend a slumber party at a friend’s home, but they can bring home nasty insects in her sleeping bag or suitcase. If you enjoy shopping at thrift stores or garage sales, then make sure to sanitize your purchases to avoid bringing any pests home.

Call a Local Pest Control Company

If you have insects or rodents inside or outside your home, then contact a pest control company right away. Professional exterminators, like Jones Bros. Pest Control, Inc., have the proper types of chemicals to destroy spiders or insects, and they may know how to capture rodents safely with traps. Rather than waiting until the pests breed, you should make sure that an exterminator is able to find the rodents and insects breeding locations so that a new generation of vermin won’t infest your home.

Trim the Vegetation outside Your Home

When you have a lot of vegetation outside your home, it is a great place for rodents, spiders and insects to live. Make sure to trim the trees and shrubs outside your home so that mice and rats can’t climb the plants to reach the sides or roof of your home. Keep the plants outside of your home trimmed to avoid having numerous spiders that might invade your home through its siding or foundation.

Make sure to inspect your home on a routine basis to find any signs of pests. Rodents leave trails of urine on the floors near the baseboards, and you may also find tufts of fur. Insects often leave egg cases or exoskeletons in kitchen cupboards, so you should use a flashlight to look for these items.

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