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How to Keep Your Family Home Cool and Relaxing During the Summer

Staying cool during the summertime can be a challenge. Cranking up your air conditioner is an easy way to cool off, but it could lead to pricey electricity bills. Use these four tips to reduce energy consumption in your home while also enjoying the refreshing effects of central air conditioning and a nice level of air flow throughout your home.

Shutting Off Heat-Generating Appliances

During the heat of the summer, try to avoid using heat-generating appliances. These devices include the dishwasher, oven and clothes dryer. When you must run the dishwasher or clothes dryer, do so overnight when the air temperature is lower. Use alternative cooking methods, such as the microwave or slow cooker. Switch incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs. The LED options releases minimal heat.

Using Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a key way to keep your home cool and relaxing during the summertime. Be sure to maintain your air conditioner by arranging for a tune-up before summer starts. Some companies, like ACSIS Air Conditioning Warehouse, know that you should replace or clean its air filter every three months. Keep shrubs and grass away from the outdoor unit. Clear clutter away from the vents and indoor air handler. Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature for comfort and energy savings.

Keep Curtains and Shades Closed

During the daytime, keep the window shades and curtains closed. Sunshine penetrating through the windows can heat up your home. It is especially important to block the sunshine on the south and western sides of your home, which are the parts that receive the most direct sunlight. Consider opening your windows at night when the air is cooler.

Making Use of Fans

Using ceiling fans along with the air conditioning creates a wind chill effect on your exposed skin. If you are typically comfortable with the central air conditioning system set at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, try setting the thermostat to 78 or 79 degrees Fahrenheit and turning on your ceiling fan. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, but you should feel as comfortable. The ceiling fan uses less electricity than the air conditioner.

These energy and money-saving tips allow you to relax in the comfort of your home and keep cool this summer. You can also stay well-hydrated, drinking ice-cold water and enjoying chilled fruits such as watermelon. These tips do not require much of your time or energy, but they will provide you with ceaseless comfort throughout the hottest days of the upcoming summer season.

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