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How to Keep Your Family Safe From COVID-19 During Your Move

Moving with a family at any time is stressful, but adding in the factor of a global pandemic and trying to keep your family healthy is extra worrisome. However, by being careful and following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your family and yourself safe.

Know the statistics

If you are moving to a new state or county, check the most recent stats on new cases of Coronavirus in the area. If you have the option to delay your move, try to wait until the number of cases is low. If you don’t have a choice, avoid going to public spaces in your new home. Bring all the food and supplies that you are able to decrease trips to the store and other crowded areas.

Wash hands frequently

People have known for years now that one of the best ways to prevent illness is simply by washing your hands. If you have young children, encourage them often to wash their hands with soap and water. For children under six, supervising hand washing is a good idea to ensure they are doing a thorough job.

Wear a mask

Inside your car or house, wearing a mask around your own family is not necessary, but when going out or interacting with movers, you should always wear a mask to decrease the chance of spreading the virus. The CDC has found that wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of CoVID-19 because it can catch droplets from the nose and mouth of the mask-wearer. If you wear a surgical or other disposable mask, make sure to throw it away each day. You can also make your own masks out of two or three layers of tightly woven cotton, which you can wash and wear again the next day.

Check the moving company’s policies

Before you introduce people into your home to help move furniture, know what they are doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. All employees should wear masks at all times and try to avoid close contact with you and your family. You may also want to see if the moving company requires temperature checks for its employees. If it seems that the company is doing little to enforce safe practices, it might be time to switch to someone else.

For the most part, being smart and cautious right now is the best defense against the Coronavirus. Although none of these tips are foolproof, doing your best will keep your family much safer so that your move can go a little smoother.

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