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How to Keep Your Family Safe From Potential Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can impact any family. Whether you live in an area with frequent wildfires or near the ocean, different types of weather call for precaution. To best protect you and your family, preparation is key.


Dry areas are most likely to experience wildfires. Even if a fire is not directly impacting your home, smoke can be a cause of danger. People with lung or heart conditions, the elderly and children are most at risk from hazardous smoke. To keep you and your family safe, keep oven use and lit candles to a minimum. Using a power surge protection device can help. As with all natural disasters, check to see if it is safer to evacuate the area.


Flooding can occur in many areas near the coast. With an increase in hurricanes, knowing how to stay safe is imperative to your health. Since floods can be particularly destructive, leaving the area may be the best option available. If you plan on staying, rolling up rugs and protecting valuable documents and belongings may be important for the future.


Tornadoes can occur outside the Midwest. They are one of the more violent natural disasters known in the county. Some tornadoes have wind speeds over 300 mph. The best place to be during a tornado is underground. Designated storm shelters or basement cellars are both good options to avoid the destructive damage a tornado can cause. If you are in a location that does not have access to underground refuge, get as far away from the windows as possible. Structures with strong and sturdy foundations are recommended.


Earthquakes are primarily popular in California, but can happen in many other states. Because they are so sudden, it is difficult to evacuate. To best prepare for an earthquake, try to make your home as safe as possible. Removing paintings, shelving and heavy appliances is a good start when eliminating potential crashes. Closed-toe shoes are also recommended. The Red Cross has the specific slogan of “drop, cover and hold on” to help people remember what to do in the event of an earthquake emergency.

It is impossible to get rid of all natural disasters. Rather than relying on luck or location to keep your family safe, knowing where to go and what to do in case of an emergency is crucial. By preparing for the future, safety from natural disasters can be easily attained.

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