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How to Keep your Family Safe in the Digital Realm

Adolescents and teenagers are exceptionally web savvy. In fact, it is not uncommon for a child in elementary school to have a better grasp of how the computer, the Internet, and other digital devices work better than adults. This can lead parents to feel overwhelmed, especially when they hear about the digital threats young people face on the Internet. Even parents who are not exceptionally web savvy can take some basic steps to protect their family from digital threats.

Secure Your Home’s Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi network in the home allows the family to access the Internet from anywhere in the house. It makes life more convenient, but also makes it a bigger challenge for parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing. If the Wi-Fi is not secured, intruders may compromise the Wi-Fi network’s security by infecting PCs with malware or using the home’s system to send their malware attacks. Parents can prevent this by making sure that the router has a strong password and enabling wireless encryption.

Teach Everyone in the Family Safe Social Networking

Social networks are fun tools that allow people to communicate with each other and share images, audio files, videos, and ideas. But they are also home to unscrupulous individuals. For this reason, parents should teach everyone in the family safe social networking. This includes teaching children not to include their full name, address, or birth date in their profiles. If a child is under 13, it is not advisable for them to have a social media network account unless the site is designed for children. Also, parents should have a frank conversation with their children about cyber bullying, online predators, and stalkers.

Get Help from the Professionals

Malware, viruses, and spyware have an insidious way of filtering their way into a computer network. Once these viruses and spyware are in a computer, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, for a person to get them out on their own. Professionals, like those at Bask, know that malware can also be harmful to your computer and personal information. Parents can protect their family’s digital security by turning to professionals who can help remove malware from their computer and set up firewalls to prevent future attacks.

Install Parental Controls on Your Family Computer

It’s best for parents to have open communication with their children and to build a bond of trust. This does not mean that children will not from time to time test the limits of that trust. Parental control tools allow parents to block access to inappropriate websites and monitor their children’s activities. It’s not that parents are spying on their children, but they want to keep them safe from danger.

The digital realm has drastically changed the way families interact with the world. It has made life fun, has made access to information instantaneous, and has presented a wide array of entertainment opportunities. Caring family heads will take steps to keep their family safe while they explore the digital realm.

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