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How to Know if Your Child Needs a Reading Tutor

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Every parent wants their child to succeed, and educational achievements are an obvious source of pride and confidence for families. Celebrating these attained goals is a great way to increase familial bonds and encourage higher learning. Students who struggle in school may benefit from private tutoring programs. Here are some signs that your child may need a reading tutor.

Struggling to Read

You may notice that your kids may either struggle to read and have no real interest in it. Teaching them to read is important. If you don’t know where to begin to teach your children how to read or to improve their reading skills, you might consider starting back at the basics. According to Gideon Reading and Math, a reading tutor program in Frisco, TX, letter recognition is necessary for children learning to read. Starting with the basics will help your kids advance their reading skills. This is an area where you as a parent and a reading tutor can work together.

Slow or Late Starters

Children who have a difficult time keeping up in the classroom must work twice as hard to get passing results. Students who did not attend preschool or daycare may have trouble adjusting to school because of the social distractions. A reading tutor may help them learn coping tools for the classroom and at home study time. Once children learn how to focus on the task at hand, their reading quickly improves. Since reading is the foundation of every other subject, parents will notice a marked improvement in overall grades across all classes.

Disinterest in School

It may seem overgeneralized to include this as a cautionary sign. Students that feign disinterest in school may be trying to hide insecurity in their reading ability. While it is true that most students go through periods of boredom and lack of interest, a consistent attitude of apathy or disinterest may be a sign of something more. Children who simply give up on trying may benefit from a reading tutor and regain their confidence. Research has shown that interactive learning tools and personalized learning structures keep children engaged and increase learning capacity.

Advanced Learners

Children who express higher potential than their peer group may also benefit from a reading tutor. This approach serves two very important purposes. First, children will quickly become bored if they are not being challenged in the classroom. This could result in gifted children acting out or becoming disruptive in school. The second reason high performing students benefit from tutoring is related to their future progress. Students who show promise of advancing a grade or taking college-level courses require exposure to vocabulary covering a higher range. This simple reading tutor step helps prepare advanced students for the next level of their academic careers.

If you suspect your child might benefit from spending time with a reading tutor, conduct research for qualified programs in your area. Explain the specific needs, challenges, and expectations with your child and the tutor. Set goals and follow up to ensure that both parties are putting forth the effort required for success.

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