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How to Make Camping Fun for the Whole Family

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Nothing brings happiness in a family than going for fun-filled camping together. Many of those who have gone for such outings will tell you it’s best to choose places with no cell service and no Wi-Fi. Why? This will afford you time to concentrate on your family with no distractions.

Here are the best tips to make your family successful and fun-filed.

Be Prepared

Family camping needs proper planning. It’s not something you can wake up one day and decide you are going camping. The plan starts by fixing an appropriate date, then choosing the campsite. For example, if you were to go camping in California, you would want to look up the local spots around there to help determine how to plan your time.

While selecting a venue, consider the availability of potable water and access to toilets. Even if your camp of choice claims to have drinkable water, it will help a lot if you carried some water.

Since you will spend the nights in tents, remember to carry enough bedding and warm clothes. If you have a small baby, don’t forget to bring enough swipes. If any member of your family is under medication, don’t forget their drugs.

Keep The Meals As Simple As Possible

If you chose to prepare your meals in the camp, keep everything simple. Having to prepare heavy meals during camping can be tiresome and reduce the time you could spend having fun. It can even be more challenging if you have your kids who need constant supervision. You may find it hard to cook while supervising the kids.

You need to choose simple foods like cheese sandwiches and canned (or boxed) tomato soup. These foods are easy to prepare, and you’ll not have many utensils to clean. If it’s practically impossible to prepare meals at the campsite, then you can carry packed lunches. But as all campers know, cooking meals at the campsite adds to the fun.

Bring New Games

Kids love games, but if they have played one game repeatedly, they usually get bored. So if you have to carry any games during your family camping, shop for new ones. The games will keep the kids engaged as you set up the tents, but it will also make it easy to control them as you prepare the meals.

You can have a variety of games, some of which can be played by the whole family. Board games are the best for camping, and you need to choose those that can be played by two or more people. Camping is not all about games, so ensure you fix specific times for playing games and other activities.

Pick One Skill to Teach Your Kids

Camping shouldn’t just be about having fun. To make it memorable to your kids, you can identify one skill you can teach during camping. Learning at the camp is impressive, especially if it’s something exciting.

Some skills you can show your kids during family camping include cooking simple meals, wilderness survival techniques, painting, fishing, using maps or compass, fire safety, etc. Just pick one skill so as not to overwhelm them. The expertise you choose should also be appropriate for their ages.

Go Hiking

Your family camping can never be complete without going for hiking. Hiking is a versatile camping staple that should never miss on the list of your activities. If you have young kids that cannot go to the mountains, you can choose terrains that cannot tire or invigorate them. As you go hiking, carry your camera so you can capture those memorable photos.

Go with Another Family

If you have a family friend who also wants to go for a family camping, you can join your families and go as one team. This has many advantages. It may lower your transport cost if you hire a van or a mini-bus. It will also make the camp activities like playing games and hiking more fun. Your kids will also have time to play and socialize with your friend’s kids.

Going for family camping is beneficial to your health, but it also offers the best opportunity for a family to bond. Your kids need some time away from school and book work so they can re-charge. It would be best if you also had some time away from your workplace or business to revitalize.

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