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How to Make Grandma Feel Independent in Her Old Age

As your grandma gets older, she might have a more difficult time doing the things that she used to do. Having to get help for basic activities of daily living could weigh on your grandma’s spirit and mood. Use these four tips to help your grandma feel independent as she advances in age.

Give Her a Tablet or Smartphone

It is never too late to teach your grandma how to use a tablet or smartphone. This could be an ideal way to spend time with your grandma. You can show her how to use the app store, how to take photos and send them and how to set up and use an email account or texting app in order to stay in touch with you.

Get Her a Power Wheelchair

If mobility is an issue for your grandma, get her a power wheelchair. Instead of having someone push her around, a power wheelchair, like those available from Corner Home Medical, allow your grandma to get out of the house whenever she wants to, with no need to have anyone drive her. Having her own power wheelchair will enable her to go down the street to see a neighbor or to explore a shopping center.

Show Grandma How to Use a Computer

Being able to use a computer could help your grandma to stay in touch with extended family and friends who no longer live nearby. Your grandma could also enjoy websites related to her favorite hobbies, such as social groups for knitters or discussion groups for people who enjoy puzzles or non-fiction books. Your grandma could use the computer to keep up with the weather, news, and politics.

Help Grandma to Stay in Her Own Home

Your grandma will be able to retain independence if she is able to stay in her own home. You could make it easier for her to continue living in her own home by making it handicap-accessible. Arrange for modifications such as ramps and railings. Consider hiring a cleaning service to come in once per week and a lawn care service to handle outdoor chores.

Growing old does not have to mean slowing down or not having any fun. Each of these four actions helps your grandma to stay physically, socially and emotionally active. These tips also help you to find ways to interact with your grandma and enjoy your time together. Your grandma might even surprise you with her tech-savvy skills and her willingness to learn and try new things.

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