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How to Perform Proper Spring Maintenance on Your Family Home

The days are getting longer, which means spring is slowly arriving. Because of the extra light, you have a chance to perform a few maintenance tasks around the home. Explore how you can perform the proper, spring chores around the house to beautify it once again.

Start at the Top

A good rule of thumb is to simply start at the top of your interior and work downward during a spring maintenance project. Remove the cobwebs in the attic, give the bedrooms a fresh coat of paint, and air out the main living space. Remove the window treatments and wash them as necessary. Vacuum the upholstery, clean out the cabinets, and bang out the rugs outside. Maintaining your home can be a simple, systematic process when it comes to the basics.

Wash the Windows Inside and Out

Most windows take a beating during the fall and winter. Water spots and other unsightly marks need to be removed so that you can see clearly out of them. Fill a bucket with warm water and mild detergent. By using a sponge, you can clean off both the interior and exterior windows. Wipe them down afterward with a dry rag for a sparkling shine. Spring rains may strike the ground, but your windows will be ready for clear skies as the clean surfaces glisten.

Hire Professionals for the Gutters

Your rain gutters probably have a lot of debris from the fall and winter months. You can always try to clean them out yourself, which many homeowners do. For safety reasons, make sure to have a helper on hand when clearing out the gutters, especially if the eaves of your house are exceedingly high in the air. They can also align and repair any sections that are broken. Some gutter professionals, like those at Allstate Gutter & Siding, understand how frustrating these kind of fixes can be. Ask a contractor to give you an estimate on any repairs that the roof might need as well. This household component is a critical one to fix when you have the chance during the warmer months.

Prune the Yard

Finish up your maintenance work by pruning the yard. Trim the grass, prune the bushes and take a good look at your trees. Hiring a landscaper might be necessary so that the professional can cut your foliage at the proper time of the year. Spring may not always be the best time for some plants.

Spring is a busy time for almost any contractor. If you’re planning on a major project, such as a new roof, find your chosen company right now. Their appointments may be open in late spring or early summer. Secure your appointment so that the project can be completed as quickly as possible.

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