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How to Prep for a Springtime Cookout with the Fam

Many people seem to think that family cookouts cannot be planned until the official beginning of summer rolls around. This is not true. Spring is a perfectly viable season to host a family cookout if you plan and prepare properly.

Pick the Seating

A cookout with your family could become a rather extensive affair depending on how large of a family you have. Regardless of how many people show up to your family cookout, you need to be prepared to provide all of them with a place to sit. Benches, lounge chairs, folding chairs, and blankets are popular forms of seating during a cookout setting. Remember to offer comfortable seating to those in your family who are elderly or disabled.

Gather the Supplies

Once you’ve gathered enough seating for your family, it’s time to start gathering the cookout supplies. The first supplies to gather will be the groceries. Be sure to purchase any special foods your family members may need to stick to their diet restrictions. After groceries are bought, make sure you enough fuel for your grill. Extra charcoal and starter fluid should be brought for a charcoal grill while extra canisters or propane, like that available from Mason Propane, should be bought for gas grills. Proper dinnerware is the last supply that you will need. Whether you choose paper plates or plastic plates, make sure that there are enough plates, utensils, cups, and napkins for everyone.

Plan the Entertainment

Preparing and cooking the food for a family cookout can take a long time. You can even pre-buy propane in the Puget Sound area, or in other areas. Your family members will become bored or sleepy while waiting for the food to finish, so you should plan plenty of entertainment for them while they wait. This entertainment can come in the form of music, video games, sports games, or bringing out a deck of cards. While these forms of entertainment may work to distract the adults, it may not work so well on children.

Get Physical

Children are blessed with an abundance of energy. This energy only seems to increase after they eat. To keep the children healthy and prepare them for their upcoming bedtime, offer them a wide range of games that promote physical activity such as volleyball, basketball, frisbee, jump rope, laser tag, and football.

Springtime can often bring unexpected rain, so be sure to have a sheltered area to retreat to should a spring rain shower move in during your cookout.

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