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How to Protect Your Family After a Car Accident

Car accidents can be terrifying to live through. However, no matter how shocking or scary a car accident may be, you need to try to think clearly after one. The steps you take directly after such an accident can help determine the future livelihood of your family, both physically and financially. It’s very important to take the right steps. Below are a few things you should do directly after a car accident to protect your family.

Call for Emergency Medical Services

First, above all else, you should be concerned about the health and physical well-being of your family members. If the crash was significant and injuries are possible, call 9-1-1 immediately for medical assistance. Be aware that internal injuries can be both life threatening and not immediately apparent to onlookers.

Contact the Police

Even if the crash probably didn’t produce any physical injuries, the police must be contacted and called to the scene. The creation of a police report that records what happened and describes the scene of the accident is extremely important. You need that independent record from a third party, especially if the other party in the crash disputes your own story.

Deal with Insurance

You should contact your car insurance provider as soon as possible after an accident to report it. If you wait too long, you could make it harder for your claim to be approved. Also obtain the other driver’s insurance information as well as other personal information.

Contact a Lawyer

Sadly, there may be a legal dispute that comes out of the accident. This may be because insurance won’t pay for every loss created by the accident or because, in some cases, the other driver might not even have insurance. There’s also the possibility that you could be sued by the other driver. Whatever the case, it’s probably a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer and preserve as much evidence as possible for a possible upcoming legal dispute. A lawyer will also have the experience to make filing your claims and any related lawsuits run much more smoothly.

Obtain Medical Records

If you or your family members were injured in the accident, see a physician immediately and make sure medical records are created that prove those injuries stemmed from the accident. This will be vital to proving the validity of your claims to your insurance company as well as to a judge if a lawsuit is indeed initiated.

Car accidents can cause your family a lot of stress and fear. Have a plan in place so that if you ever are in an accident, you know how to deal with it. Having a plan you can remember will decrease the stress of the situation and better prepare you for the road ahead of you.

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