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How to Quickly Pack and Move on Short Notice

The moving process can be challenging, but it gets tougher when you have little time to plan for the move. You could have had an urgent job posting or need to move before the agreed time. In such cases, you have to pack and relocate in the shortest time possible, but how can you do this effectively?

Be Organized

Planning for a move on short notice can leave you in panic mode wondering what to do next. If you waste time trying to figure out how, when and why, you may end up not beating the timeline. Start by outlining the essential tasks to complete before the moving date. Also, handle one thing at a time to ensure you don’t miss out on important matters.

Have a Moving Schedule

A moving calendar can help you track what you do and what you have left. Have a list of all the tasks and cross each of them once complete. Start with the complex ones and note the easy ones at the bottom. This will help you lower down the tension as you approach your moving day.

Hire a Mover

The primary factor you will consider is the little time you have to move. A great idea would be to seek assistance from a moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving. They will pack, load and arrange your new home in a shorter time than you would if you did it yourself. Visit a few companies and acquire moving quotes. Compare what you get and choose a suitable option. Also, consider the cost, the distance to your new home and the number of items you have to move.

Start Packing

Before moving day, ensure you have every item in its right place to save time when packing and loading. Sort your items and eliminate things to no longer need. Also, it is advisable to rent a storage facility where you could keep your items and collect them when you find a new house. Search for reputable institutions in your local area to save on transportation costs and time.

Seek Help from Friends

With the short time notice, you may fail to accomplish all tasks on your own. Ask one or two friends to help you plan for the move and handle tasks efficiently. You could delegate simple tasks while you take care of complex ones.

As challenging as it seems, you can manage a short notice move by implementing these ideas. Keep calm, stay organized and plan one thing at a time. Most importantly, seek help from friends and movers to tackle the process in the shortest time possible.

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