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How to Rewire Your Family’s Home without Having a Shocking Experience

Taking on the daunting task of rewiring your entire home is not a casual do-it-yourself weekend work project. It can take weeks or months of dedicated time and effort. It is also a very dangerous project if you’re not properly prepared. Below, you will find four tips on how to rewire your home without having a shocking experience.

Dress for Safety

When you begin making plans to rewire your home, your first step should be to invest in a set of safety gear that will protect you from accidental shocks and electrocution. While you may think that any clothes will suffice for a home improvement job, you would be very wrong. You’ll want to purchase a pair of rubber insulated gloves, leather work boots, safety glasses, a hard hat, natural fiber pants, and a flame-resistant long-sleeved shirt among other things.

Create a List

Rewiring your home can be an expensive job in addition to being dangerous. To ensure that you keep your home improvement budget within a reasonable range, create a list of all electronic devices that will be plugged into your new electrical system. This will help you calculate how much wire you’ll need to service the electrical requirements of your household. In addition, this list can also help you to choose the correct type of wire for the job and determine which rooms will need more wiring based on your estimated electrical output.

Know Where You’re Drilling

There is a myriad of other structures and fixtures that exist inside of your walls. If you accidentally drill into one of these other structures, this could cause a large chain reaction of destructive issues that can cause your home to become inhabitable. Some of the inner structures of your home that you need to watch for are the pipes for your indoor plumbing and bundles of existing wiring that you aren’t looking to replace. Before you drill your first hole, draw up a precise schematic of where all of these hidden fixtures are located.

Call in a Professional

Tearing out old wiring and installing new wiring can quickly become a more involved and complicated home improvement chore than you originally planned. If the amount of work and planning required by this project is too overwhelming or beyond your level of skill, it’s time to call in a professional electrician. While you may save money by attempting the job yourself, you could easily destroy sections of your home or get electrocuted. A professional electrician will know all of the steps needed to successfully complete the job with no injuries.

Keep in mind that while you perform any type of home improvement project involving electricity, it is vital that you remove any metal jewelry or accessories from your body before handling electrical wire. Metal is a strong conductor of electricity and poses a serious health risk to you in the presence of electrical currents of any kind.

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