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How to Safely Move Your Family During Quarantine

As the world continues to remain quarantined as a result of COVID-19, life still goes on. This is especially true for those who are in the process of relocating. Granted, if you are relocating to a different state, you might have a harder time with the traveling process. However, it still needs to happen since housing is considered essential. Even though it is a scary time to move, consider some of the ways you can safely move your family during the quarantine.

1. Keep cleaning supplies in regular use

Hopefully, you already have disinfecting wipes, sprays and other cleaning solutions. If you don’t, you can always make your own cleaning products. As long as you have household items like white vinegar, baking soda and lemons, you can clean and sanitize almost anything.

Regularly wipe down surfaces as you all use them. If anyone leaves the house to pick up something from the grocery store, make sure they wipe down, remove their shoes and wash their hands before touching anything in the house.

Once you travel to the new house, be vigilant about cleaning the entire house down. Contact a cleaning service to find out if they’re sending out any individuals to clean homes alone. If so, have someone clean the new house before you and your family arrive.

2. Wear masks and gloves

While there are some states that are suggesting that their residents wear masks and gloves, other states require them. No matter the state you’re in, it’s better to be safe and overprotected rather than sorry. Purchase N95 masks for the entire family. It’s also wise to purchase gloves for everyone as well.

If N95 masks aren’t available where you live, you can always make your own masks out of bandannas. Just make sure that everyone’s noses, mouths and hands are completely covered. This virus is airborne. If you can decrease the chances of cross-contamination by covering cell phones in plastic wrap, that works even better. If you have children, it’s important to stress the importance of protecting their faces as well as maintaining sanitary practices.

3. Maintain social distance

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who aren’t taking the social distancing mandate seriously. Unless the individuals live in your home, everyone needs to maintain six feet of separation. If they can do more, that’s even better. When you’re in the middle of the move, try to focus on getting things like moving boxes and packing tape shipped to your home. You won’t have to go out in public in this case. When that happens, you’ll be able to stay home where it’s safe.

4. Have an honest conversation with movers

When you’re preparing to move from one house to another, you have to hire a moving company. Since you’re going to be in contact with professional movers, have an honest conversation about how they’re practicing the social distancing measures. If anyone is sick, they should not report to your home for the move. You have the right to ask if anyone has COVID-19 or shares quarters with someone who has it.

Make sure they will be wearing masks. They might not be able to wear the typical medical gloves due to the fragility of the material. However, you can still be sure to communicate your expectations regarding optimal cleanliness and safety. When looking for movers, try and find a company that will listen and assures you of any moving fears. For instance, the moving Squad, a group of South Florida movers, addresses the importance of finding movers you trust. When you find movers you trust, you can know that they will do everything to keep your stuff safe, and clean.

5. Keep all areas well-ventilated

Keep the areas in your home well-ventilated. Open up the windows. Use fans to keep the air circulating. You don’t want anyone to repeatedly inhale recycled air. It’s also a great idea to invest in essential oil diffusers. You can put on in each room or purchase a large one for each floor of the home.

Fill the diffusers with water and a few drops of essential oil blends. Choose oil blends that are known to be antiviral, antibacterial and more. As the movers come in and out of the home, you can make sure the air is constantly purified and flowing.

As you implement these rules, do your best to be mindful of your stress level. If you’re stressed out, this will only compromise your immune system’s ability to properly function. You need a healthy immune system in order to fight off or dodge the virus. Keep a level head as you do what’s best for your family. You can make this happen in a safe manner that protects you and your family during the quarantine period.

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