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How to Save on Common Household Items

We are all looking for ways to stretch our budgets and make our dollars’ worth just a bit more. While some claim to have couponed their way into a new tax bracket, most of us don’t have the time or the energy to dedicate to such meticulous shopping routines. So, how can you save big on common household items without dumpster diving, stockpiling, or going insane? Below are just a couple tips to make your finances a little easier to handle.

Choose Reusable

Everything from plastic cups to sanitary napkins have reusable alternatives. The best part is, after the initial purchase, you are set for life (well, almost). Rechargeable batteries, reusable dryer balls, even reusable shopping bags, (if the shops charge for bags in your area) all add up to real savings every year. Shop online for the best prices on reusable products and save both your wallet and the earth at the same time. 

Join the Club

Many large chains have loyalty or frequent shopper clubs or cards that help rack up the points. Whether it’s your local grocery store or an online retailer, there are dozens of sales and deals that are offered exclusively to club members at any given moment. Taking advantage of these clubs can save you between 10 and 15 percent on items annually. You can also get discounts on things like cleaning services and landscaping if you take advantage of special offers. This example from MintyMaids gets you 35% off every week for a frequent customer. Be sure to look for deals and use them to your advantage.

Go Generic

This can be a little bit of a gamble when it comes to food. Some kids swear they can tell the difference, and sometimes getting the right taste and texture is worth the price. However, when it comes to things like detergent, band-aids, cough syrup, and more, generic is a steal. They work just as well, and unless you have particularly sensitive skin or allergies, you can find generic versions of most of your favorite household cleaners, personal care items, and even make-up. 

Everything Old is New Again

Thrifting is a word not in most of our vocabularies. But, with the rise of fast fashion, and the pressure to keep your look “fresh” in an ever more image-conscious world, thrifting is a great way to look great and save some cash. The idea is simple, consignment shops and resale sites abound with gently worn or used items that can slash your clothing budget by 40% or more. This is especially useful for people with growing kids. Thrifted jeans and t-shirts, second-hand sporting goods, and even household items are a great way to get the things your need for amazingly low prices. 

Skip the Commute

Online retail is a massive industry and safer than it has been in many years. Often, items like tennis shoes, pet food, and even contact lenses can be purchased online at significant savings over what they cost in the store. The next time you think about buying a 40lbs bag of kibble or even gift cards for co-workers, it may be worth your time to skip the commute and look for online deals.

Saving your dollars is a great habit to get into, especially for bigger families. Using a few simple tricks you can significantly save and make buying household items a breeze.

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