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How to Stay Productive at Your Part-Time Job with a Newborn

Trying to balance the world of work with being a new mom can seem like a monumental undertaking. For moms who work, many feel that working part time is a great way to have the best of both worlds. You get to keep one foot in the career world – and make use of that online business administration degree—while being able to sufficiently spend time with your new bundle of joy. But with the new responsibility of being a full-time mom, it can be tough trying to master that role as well as be productive at your part-time job. Read on to discover tips on how to manage both of these important roles.

Be mindful

After having a baby, the amount of time a new mom spends worrying increases significantly. Many new moms have a hard time focusing on their work since they are too busy worrying about how their newborns are getting on without them. Getting into this habit not only increases anxiety, but it prevents you from getting your work accomplished. Therefore, in order to be more productive at your job it’s important to be mindful – to be in that present moment. Focus on your job and on the specific task you are involved with. This time is about you and your career. By being mindful you will be get a lot more done, and you will feel more accomplished when your work time is over for the day.

Make a to-do list

Mom-brain is no joke. Upon having a newborn, moms suddenly are forced to master the art of multi-tasking that no other job or training has prepared them for. To help keep your head on straight it can be beneficial to make a to-do list for work. Once it’s written down, give yourself permission to stop thinking about it, since it now is in writing. Having a list will keep you focused at work. And if you don’t accomplish everything, you have a starting point for next time. Even though a to-list can seem like a novel without an ending, it can feel gratifying to check things off!

Prep the night before

If your little one is being watched by another caregiver while you are working, chances are you’ll have to do some preparation before handing your baby over. Trying to pack bottles of breast milk, binkies and blankets right before heading out the door can make for a chaotic scene and be time-consuming; these last-minute tasks will usually make you late for work. Doing these activities the night before will make it much easier to get out the door in a timely fashion.

Be flexible

Even the most organized of working moms have to deal with things going awry. There will be days you just can’t get out of the house on time. Or, expect to get a call from your baby’s caregiver telling you that your baby is sick and needs to be picked up. Right now. During these times of unexpected angst, it’s important to be flexible. All you can do is do the best you can under the circumstances and go with the flow.

Being a new mom is difficult. Being a working, new mom is even harder and takes grit. Finding that ideal balance between being able to work while be an attentive, caring mom is hard to find. Some days will be easier than others. And if it is one of those days, take a deep breath, give yourself some mental kudos, and keep at it!

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