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How to Teach Your Children to Be Safe While Playing Sports

Kids who are active in sports reap all types of benefits, including learning about sportsmanship, improved coordination, and developing various skills. However, sports are also inherently dangerous. Gymnasts are routinely covered in bruises, football players can break limbs, and concussions are common in hockey. Even swimming can tear up the joints, and kids who come into that wall too fast on a turn are at risk for hitting their unprotected heads. Teach your kids these tips so that you can help them stay safe.

Listen to the Coach

The coaches know what they’re doing, and they also want to keep your kids safe. The coaches know how to avoid all types of injuries, but they need the players to listen to them and follow directions. The next time your child is complaining about some rule that the coach has, remind him or her that the rules are there for a reason and encourage following them.

Wear the Gear

The safety gear is there for a reason, so have your kids wear it when practicing with the team or at home. They’ll get used to how the mouth guards feel, and the other pads are there for a reason. Support the coach if he or she has your child sit out because a piece of equipment is missing or seems to be damaged.

Protection for the Feet and Ankles

Twisted ankles are painful, and they can take your child out of the game for weeks on end. Professionals, like those at the Specialist Foot & Ankle Group, know that this is why it’s important to protect these delicate joints by investing in the proper footwear. Worn treads should be replaced. Finally, remind your child about the importance of warming up before practice and stretching out afterward.

Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to all types of accidents on the sports field. Kids are more likely to make mistakes and miss things when they’re struggling from a lack of rest. Encourage your child to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep so that their bodies can rest, recover, and grow in a healthy way.

You love watching your kid on the field, and it’s normal to worry about injuries. Rather than just hoping for the best, take a more proactive role by teaching your kids how to stay safe on the field or court. Your child may not like the rules, but they do exist for a reason. By wearing the safety gear, listening to the coach, and getting plenty of rest, there’s a chance that your child can avoid some serious injuries.

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