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How to Teach Your Children to Be Socially-Conscious Adults

Integrity, empathy, service to community, charity, and care in all things will be the saving graces of our society. These graces must be fostered into future generations by teaching them to our children at an early age so that they may grow to be socially-conscious adults. Here are a few suggestions for helping to cultivate the sense of responsibility for all those in society.

Sharpen Their Sense of Justice

Being socially conscious requires the desire to stand up to all forms of injustice wherever they may be.

If your child comes to you with a complaint about an injustice they’ve suffered or an injustice they’ve witnessed, coach them on how to respectfully speak up for their rights as a human being or for the rights of others. Teach them how to converse, convince, and disagree in a productive manner.

Give Them Responsibility

Children must be taught the balance of giving and taking. While ensuring your child is properly cared for with a strong family bond, it’s just as important to ensure they understand that one cannot take without giving back. It is the natural flow of emotions, deeds, and care that truly shape a child’s empathy and sense of duty.

To help your child become a more socially responsible adult, give them small chores of responsibility when they are younger such as caring for the family pet or turning off unused lights.

Create a Legacy of Charity

A very effective way to nurture social consciousness into children is to teach them the value of charity at an early age. As with any journey towards philanthropy, charity begins at home in the local community.

Take your children with you to volunteer at homeless shelters or retirement homes. Children learn more from watching than they do from reading or listening, so it’s important that your children observe and participate in your own charitable acts and volunteer positions.

If every family would give back to their community, the entire world could be improved tenfold in a matter of weeks.

Encourage a Career in Public Service

The pinnacle of social consciousness is to arrive at the decision to become a public figure in service to society. Should your child decide that their skills and acumen would be better suited in service to others, a career in public service would complement their sense of responsibility and benefit the world as a whole.

Many universities offer educational programs such as a master of public administration online to teach and hone the administrative and managerial skills required to succeed in a public service career, so it would be wise to carefully consider your child’s choices when it comes time to apply to an institute of higher learning.

As the days go by, it’s becoming more and more clear that the way our world will be saved is through the awakening of a collective social consciousness. Let this awakening begin with your children so they may pass these teachings onto their children to create a legacy of honoring the greater good in all things.

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