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How to Tell Its Time to Retire the Old Family Car

People have typically paid off old cars, so they like that they don’t have to make any more payments. People try to keep their old family vehicles for this very reason. However, others stay with old cars because merely taking out a car loan is not within their reach. At least that’s what they think of themselves.

Regardless of being torn about whether to retire an old family car or not, there comes a time when it is inevitable. At this point, your comfort and safety are highly compromised.

Costly Repairs

One reason to retire the old family car is that repair costs often exceed the vehicle’s value. Regular car repairs to avoid purchasing a new one is merely a waste of time and money. In most cases, the present cost of frequent maintenance is more expensive than the cost of a new family car.

Purchasing a new car will go a long way to save you future repair costs. Modern vehicles have lower maintenance costs than old vehicles.

Low Fuel Efficiency

Another reason to dump the old family car is their high rate of fuel consumption. Older vehicles tend to drain the fuel tank quickly. Automotive technology in newer vehicles has improved their fuel economy. Spending more on fuel every month than the amount you would paying a car loan is unreasonable.

Unsafe on the Road

Old cars are unsafe and unreliable. The vehicles experience frequent and unexpected system malfunctions. Some cars have sideways movements while on the road or slow down randomly. Such problems put not only your safety at risk, but also that of other drivers. Newer vehicle models are much safer and reliable.

Generally speaking, older vehicles have outdated safety features. Obsolete technology improves the probability of vehicles being involved in accidents. Continuously driving the old family car only puts you and your family’s safety in jeopardy.

How to Get Rid of a Clunker

An old vehicle that displays these fatal signs should be disposed of. One way to get rid of such a vehicle is selling it at junkyards. Businesses such as U Pull & Pay dispose of junk cars in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly way. These companies typically offer sellers $100 per net ton for complete vehicles. They also buy junk cars and old spare parts at a reasonable price. Proceeds from the sale can be used as down payment to secure a car loan for a newer car.

It’s not necessary to buy a brand new vehicle if you cannot afford it. Cars manufactured within the last five years also possess most of the updated safety features.

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