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How to Throw a Yard Sale That Benefits the Community

If you’ve already done your spring cleaning, chances are you’re wondering what to do with those boxes of unwanted things. You could drop them off at a nearby donation center, get yourself a storage unit at Uncle Bob’s Storage or, you could have a yard sale and donate the profits to a local charity.

Gather your items and hold a yard sale for charity. Here are details how.

Earning extra money for your community is a great option, but you can’t just throw a yard sale together last minute and expect it to succeed. You need patience, planning and some help spreading the word. The work will be worth it, though; by the day’s end, you’ll have turned your unwanted junk into some much-needed financial assistance for a worthy cause.


To have a successful yard sale, you have to make sure people will actually come. You want to host a sale when attendance will be as high as possible. Generally, weekends from March until September are the busiest times. Steer clear of weekends when you know organizations in your community are having their sales.

A week or so before the sale, go through your home, and ask others who are donating to do the same. The more variety in items you have, the better the sale will be. A few days before the sale, start organizing and pricing everything; check out some common prices for yard sale items. It’s important every piece has a price on it; if you make a sign for a table claiming, “Everything $1,” people might not see it and be too shy to ask. For every item you don’t have a price tag on, that could be money lost.

Spread the Word

The more people who know about your sale, the better. Post a free ad on craigslist and, if it’s free or cheap enough, take an ad in the local newspaper. Send a Facebook or Twitter message to all your friends announcing the sale and send a quick email to everyone else. If you have a community board, post a flier. Make sure you announce the date, time and location of your sale. Let people know the sale will help the community.

The day of your sale, post signs throughout the neighborhood and at busy intersections. Many times, the best customers are those who drive around, looking for random sales.

Check the Weather

If you live in a part of the country where snow could ruin your sale, it’s better to be safe than sorry and postpone things until you’re in the clear. Keep an eye on the seven-day forecast no matter where you live.

Plan on a Long Day

Hardcore yard sale scavengers start at 7 a.m. Set up early and be ready to go by then.

Display Items at a Variety of Levels

Keep items appealing and use tables, cloth-covered boxes or anything else you have lying around to add depth to your display. If you just place everything on the ground and one picnic table, buyers might find this daunting and not put enough energy into finding those gems. Place pretty, popular or interesting pieces at a variety of heights so they’re easily seen by shoppers.

About the Author
Michelle Alvarez is a DIY kind of gal. She is constantly coming up with crafts and projects that are cheap, easy and fun.

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