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How to Upgrade Your Home to Keep up With New Technology

As technology soars, more and more products come on the market to make life better. Don’t get left behind. Upgrade your home with products that are entertaining, help keep you and your home safe, and save you money on energy costs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Technology for Entertainment

Bring the cinema to your living room with a wireless projector. You’ll be able to display videos from a tablet or computer to view from up to 100 feet away. These wireless projectors receive information in varying ways. Some use accessories like a USB dongle, and others include a built-in wireless card. Some even use a smartphone app or work with your Wi-Fi network.

If you’re a gamer, upgrade your experience with virtual reality (VR). VR gives you a simulated experience that seems to put you physically present in a virtual environment. The effect is created with a headset that has a head-mounted display and a small screen for viewing.

Technology for Safety

You don’t have to change the way your door looks from the outside to stay safer. Smart locks are available that work with your deadbolt hardware. It replaces the interior thumb latch and makes your smartphone become a wireless key using Bluetooth technology. A motorized throw bolt unlocks upon approaching the door and locks as you leave. It even keeps a log of who comes and goes. There are also plenty of options for security system installation nowadays. Consider installing a system with alarms on every entrance point and cameras at the front and back doors.

Technology to Save on Energy

“Energy vampires” are all those devices like computer cords and phone charges that continue to use energy even when not in use. It’s not that much, but over time, it adds up. Save money and energy with a motion sensor power strip that shuts devices off when not in use. It works by picking up cues from the device that is plugged into the control outlet together with input from a motion sensor. When you turn on a device, say the TV, it powers up three receptacles for computer peripherals and accessories. When you turn devices off, the switched receptacles shut off. And, when you leave the room for more than 30 minutes, a motion sensor shuts the switched receptacles off. When you come back into the room, it powers back up.

Technology is truly amazing, and if you’re older, you know how lucky we are to live in this age. Embrace the times with gadgets that save you time and money, make life fun, and keep you safer.

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