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How You Can Keep Your Kids Excited And Interested In School

School is a hugely important aspect of kid’s lives, and quality of education and performance in class often plat a huge role in future career success. Even the most naturally gifted or most self-motivated students will inevitably lose drive and need some encouragement along the way.

Support the School

Supporting the school will look different depending on your school system, your child, and your family situation. Showing support for your school system will show support for your child and their education. Attend conferences, serve on PTO, chaperon field trips, attend extra-curricular activities, and participate in fundraisers. Show your kids that you value them and their education. By being a regular presence in the school, you will help keep the lines of communication open.

Encourage Healthy Habits

In order to optimize learning, kids need to be well rested and well fed. Sleep habits change and sleep needs fluctuate as kids grow. Make sure that your child is getting adequate sleep every night. Encourage healthy diets, including a balanced breakfast before school. Physical exercise is also very important in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Be Prepared and Organized

It can be easy to lose motivation and interest very quickly if you feel ill prepared or disorganized. As parents, very simple things can make a big difference. Make sure that your child has the proper school supplies they need, both for at school and at home. Hang a family calendar or dry erase board somewhere in a central location to help keep the family organized and aware of what is going on.

Talk About the Future

It is easy to lose interest if there is no clear goal. Keep an open dialogue with your child about their short term and long term goals. Help them understand how their studies play into what they hope to accomplish in the future. Getting kids excited about college or future careers will help keep them excited about what they are learning now. For example, getting a master’s in coaching and athletic administration can be the route that your child chooses to fulfill their dream of rubbing elbows with the professional athletes that they idolize.

Encourage Independent Exploration

When your child learns something new in the classroom that gets them excited, encourage them to keep learning outside of the classroom. Take advantage of local parks, museums, zoos, libraries, camps, and your own kitchen or backyard to explore and learn more.

It is important that kids feel encouraged and supported throughout the education journey. It is imperative that students, parents, teachers, and communities work together to help kids stay excited, equipped, and motivated to learn.

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