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How Your Family Can Help Your Community During COVID-19

It may sound overused, but we are truly in this COVID-19 pandemic together. Trying to support one another matters even as we maintain our social distancing. These turbulent times are testing all of us, and now more than ever, we can gain strength as a family unit by helping out our fellow citizens in the community. Having children, teens and adults all involved can teach us important lessons about humanity, compassion and defining our purpose in life. Here are a few ways to make a family impact during the coronavirus.

1. Lend An Ear

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch for this one as you spread a little kindness from home. 7 Cups is an on-demand emotional health service and online therapy provider that is looking for volunteer listeners during the pandemic.

The 7 Cups organization has helped almost 40 million people located around the globe in 189 countries. Right now, many folks are struggling and could use a calm and reassuring voice. Volunteers or “listeners” as they’re called, can either talk with or message users. You and members of your family can sign up to be 7 Cups volunteers here. The minimum age to be a teen listener is 15.

2. Walk For Cancer (Virtually)

Here is another excellent way of helping people in your community and far beyond. The American Cancer Society still needs your help during the pandemic because walking outdoors in large groups for loved ones is something the organization has had to put on hold for now.

Instead, you and yours can walk for cancer and complete a virtual Relay for Life through Second Life, the largest-ever, 3D virtual world built entirely by its users.

It is almost like a live Relay event, and you can still walk your laps in a 3D world, light virtual Luminaria, and make donations using digital currency Linden dollars.

3. Support Local Restaurants

During the coronavirus lockdown, it is becoming difficult for many favorite eateries to stay afloat because most states are following stay-at-home orders, so restaurants are only open for pick-ups and deliveries. A lot of these establishments have taken a hit in the wallet, so ordering a family meal and having an indoor home picnic is a wonderful and delicious way to say thank you.

Set up a cozy blanket in the den, order in, and enjoy a relaxing and informal family outing. It’s something different, lots of fun, and you and your children will be supporting the local economy and the restaurants that have always stood by your community.

4. Social Media Speaks

Your voice is powerful, and yet, you probably do not realize how you can always make a difference in someone’s life. There are many out there who need our prayers. COVID-19 is extremely large for one person or group to handle.

You and your children can play a part on social media, for example, to highlight a worthy cause, send a message of love on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page. Share photos of you and your family members as you stay healthy and safe in lockdown or quarantine.

Have compassion for those families who are separated during the pandemic such as the loving Marine mom who is missing her child stationed for duty. Military moms would appreciate your well-wishes.

5. Support Local Animals

Animals need our help during the pandemic, too. The Humane Society and the Humane Rescue Alliance could use your community assistance in three keys ways.

You could always adopt a pet and can even choose an adorable pooch, feline or other by a virtual adoption process.

Another way to support local animals is via donations to these websites.

Thirdly, the whole family can get involved by checking in on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and help with purchasing pet food or walking their dogs.

6. Support a Local Food Bank Like IFCS

Food banks like IFCS have seen a massive increase in services due to the soaring rates of unemployment. While food donations are helpful, cash donations allow the food banks to keep the lights on and purchase food at a much reduced rate.

Check out our donation page for more details.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had an immense impact on every state in the nation and is straining resources now that schools and businesses have been shut down. Many folks are struggling, have more needs and can use some help. Families can offer a lot to their community in a variety of ways and help bring people together.

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