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How Your Health Habits Affect Your Children’s Health

When you have a child, the decisions you make no longer only affect you. Instead, everything you do has consequences and will play a part on your child equally as much as, if not more than, it does you. You may not realize it, but your habits may not be leaving a positive lasting impression. Here are some reasons why your health habits affect your children’s health.

They Are Constantly Around You

If you share your home with your children, then keep in mind that they are constantly around you. That means that if you smoke, they have to be around the smoke all of the time and those toxins are filling their lungs as much as they are yours. Secondhand smoke is just as deadly as actual smoking, which can especially be true when children are around smoke all of the time. Another example of this is what you keep in your kitchen pantry. You may enjoy sweets and candy, but your child needs to have a healthy diet that is full of different options. If you only have unhealthy and processed food in your kitchen, your children will not be able to avoid it.

They Will Learn from You

Because your children are around you so much, it’s only a matter of time until they will learn from you and repeat the habits that you have. If you go to the gym and live a healthy lifestyle, it’s likely that they’ll follow the same patterns and have the same desires to be healthy. But if you don’t demonstrate a healthy lifestyle, they will not see the need to do so either. Instead, the more of a positive role model and influence you are for your own health, the more likely it is that it’ll rub off on your children as well.

The Mental Effects Of Your Health Habits

If you are not healthy or do not have good health, it’s likely that it could be affecting you mentally. For example, people who have sleep apnea may not be getting the proper sleep that they need at night, which could lead them to being aggravated and annoyed during the day. And those that don’t get sleep apnea treatment will likely be more aggressive towards their children, which can have lasting mental affects if they are not being treated well.

There are a variety of ways that your healthy habits may affect your children. However, the good news is that positive habits can be equally as impressionable. Therefore consider the right things you can do to leave lasting positive impressions on your children and their health.

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