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Important Numbers to Leave with Your Babysitter

If you’ve hired a babysitter to look after your kids, you’ll want to leave a few important phone numbers with him or her in case something goes wrong while you’re away from home. In addition to the numbers for the police and fire department, there are some other important numbers that could come in handy in times of need. Any of these numbers may help save the lives of your children or the structure of your home if a disaster occurs. Here are four important phone numbers that you should leave with your babysitter.

Personal Emergency Contact

A friend, family member or neighbor could serve as an emergency contact person when something goes wrong. This trusted individual can assist the babysitter in getting the appropriate help and may know more information about your children that could save their lives. The emergency contact person could also serve as a liaison between you and the babysitter and help facilitate communications about important matters easier. This is especially important in cases where you will not be readily available for the babysitter to contact, or in cases when the babysitter can’t drive or doesn’t’ have their own car. Even if an emergency isn’t severe enough to call an ambulance, the babysitter may need to be able to transport a child to the emergency room or urgent care clinic.

Poison Control

If you have young kids, the number for the poison control center should always be handy. Your little ones might end up ingesting toxic substances found in household cleaners and other liquids around your home without the babysitter being able to stop it in time. The poison control center can advise the babysitter on what to do to keep any of your children from suffering more serious harm while they wait for paramedics to arrive. Poison control can also serve as a valuable resource in learning what is and isn’t dangerous for children to ingest, especially for babysitters who may not have encountered certain issues before.

Preferred Plumber

Pipes could spring leaks or major sewage backups might occur inside your home at a moment’s notice, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by leaving a phone number for a plumber with your babysitter. It’s best to rely on a plumber who offers 24/7 service and can come to your home without any long delays. If you don’t already have a plumber in mind, you can choose from many quality plumbers in your area who know how to fix blocked drains, hot water outages and other plumbing problems. Having this number on hand for your babysitter will lower the chances of severe water damage taking place while you’re away.

Preferred Electrician

Electrical problems are also known to occur at the least convenient times, and you’ll want to have a professional electrician’s number handy so that your babysitter and kids won’t be left in the dark. From fuse outages to wire failures, there are many electrical mishaps that could cut the power to your home. Some of these mishaps can also be dangerous and raise your fire danger risk, and a reliable electrician can address these issues quickly. You don’t want a babysitter to feel like it’s their responsibility to handle damaged wiring on their own, so providing your preferred electrician’s number is an important safety measure for them and your children.

Leaving the right phone numbers with your babysitter can give you and everyone else additional peace of mind. These numbers can provide quick access to any needed assistance that will help keep your household in order. Include these numbers to ensure that your babysitter has all of the resources they need to take care of any emergencies while you’re away.

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