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Innovative Ways To Raise Money For Charity

Coming up with different ways to raise money for charity is a much harder task than many initially think. If nothing original crosses your mind then we have put together a list of both original and fun ways in which you can raise money for your chosen cause.

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We will stay away from things that cost a lot of money so that we can keep as much of the money going to the charity itself rather than into the event which is raising the money.

Work Related

1)    Swear jars seem to always be a roaring success. Charge more for particularly bad swear words and you will get the worst offenders donating more money to charity. As well as being great for charity, this can also be quite an eye opener for some and can encourage people to curb their potty-mouthed habit.

2)    Fancy Dress – OK, so it isn’t exactly original but it is definitely fun! Seeing your work colleagues dress up in some of the worst outfits going has got to be worth it! Charge people for the privilege to turn up in their costumes and you are on to another easy charity money-maker.

3)    Sponsor someone excessively chatty in the office to be silent. For a great cause you can give your ears and their voice box a well-deserved rest.

4)    Sponsored tea girl / guy. Make tea all day for whoever wants it. Charge a certain donation for each cup you make.

5)    Get more personal with your colleagues. Get sponsored for not using email or phones for contacting people within your office. Although this one sounds easy it is actually a real challenge and you may even make some new friends.

6)    See if your employer can donate a day’s holiday, organise a raffle and get your colleagues to buy tickets. Lets face it; they will all be buying tickets.

At Home 

7)    Have an extremely hairy part of your body? Have you been taking part in Movember? Get people to sponsor you to wax off that fuzz. WARNING: This might hurt a little so do so at your own risk!

8)    Get sponsored to leave your phone at home for a day. Possibly one of the hardest things you will ever do! This can also be extended to other every day gadgets and items that we have become so dependent on.

9)    See how far you can get within a specified time frame with no money. Get people to sponsor you dependent on how many miles you travel. Say 25p per mile away from your starting location as a starting point.

10) Put a twist on a sponsored walk. Try and walk Hadrian’s wall or visit all the locations on a monopoly board in London.

11) Be nice for a day. Get people to donate to your charity in return for you telling them something nice about themselves.

12) Yes Man – This can be a dangerous one… have a day where you have to say yes to anything you are asked. Probably best to tell people what’s been going on after the event and get them to donate according to how they feel you performed.

13) Another way to raise money for good causes, which is gaining popularity, is through online shopping. There are some great websites, which allow online shoppers to donate when they purchase items from their favourite brands, without any extra cost. With the growth of online transactions and m-commerce, this could be one of the most popular methods of donating in the next year.

Raising funds for charity doesn’t need to be a chore. It should be fun, charity challenges can be exciting and are something which communities can take part in. Try some of these ideas out for your next fundraising idea and see how much you can raise.

Author – Adam has been writing articles for a number of years now with great levels of success in many different industry sectors.

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