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Is it Time? How to Tell if Your Home Needs These 4 Replacements

A well constructed home should last a lifetime, but it’s likely the owner will still need to do a number of repairs and replacements. These measures help to keep the structure functioning well and can help in maintaining the home’s value. Here are four of the most common replacements the average homeowner may encounter and when it’s time to have them done.

Window Replacement

Windows are home features you take for granted, until they begin to present problems. Older windows may become decayed and loose, causing drafts in many areas of the home. You may notice more sounds from traffic and voices coming in from the outside. There may be condensation building up on windows a great deal of the time. The ill-fitting windows can cause higher energy bills. These are all signs that indicate you may need to replace your windows with new, energy-efficient types.

Siding Replacement

Siding helps to protect your home and provides an attractive exterior. Cracks or chips in the siding are signs it’s time to think about replacing it to protect your home exterior. Mold growth is another sign that the surface material is no longer performing well. If your siding is bulging or warped, it could present a hazard and may cause inefficient energy use.

HVAC System Replacement

An HVAC system that has been in operation for 10 years or more is likely to show signs of trouble. You may feel hot spots and cold spots in certain areas of the home. If your system is breaking down frequently, causing expensive repairs, it’s time to consider a replacement. If your system becomes noisy or works inefficiently, causing higher energy bills, you should consider replacement. A qualified HVAC contractor can advise on the right size system for your home.

Roof Replacement

Homeowners should do an annual inspection of their roofs. If your shingle roof is 20 years old or older, has curling shingles, sagging areas or if you’re finding roofing granules around the foundation, you may need a full roof replacement. If you don’t need extensive repairs, it may be better to simply repair the roof. Your local roofing contractor can provide information about the many materials, styles and colors of today’s roofing materials.

Homeowners often keep their home’s resale value in mind. Attention to normal maintenance and repairs can ensure that your home’s value rises as the real estate market rises, as a whole. Replacing equipment and materials in these four areas will make you more competitive in the marketplace and will ensure a safe and comfortable living space while you own the home.

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