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Just in Case: 3 Common Potential Hazards to Be Aware of in Your Home

Homeowners generally take significant steps to keep their property safe and secure. This includes trying to prevent unnecessary damage and keeping occupants healthy. Unfortunately, some hazards may be well-hidden. They could pose a serious risk to the home and its occupants in different ways. These are some of the perils and risks that may be easy to overlook until considerable damage has already been done.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

AC refrigerant is a toxic substance that must be properly contained. However, leaks can and do develop in AC systems over time. This substance can cause your system to function less efficiently, and this can result in financial waste as well as reduced comfort inside the home. Refrigerant leaks may also cause property damage and put your family at risk if they come in contact with this harmful chemical. Scheduling AC repair service at the first sign of a problem can help you to avoid unnecessary risks. AC maintenance service completed annually may also prevent some related damages from developing.

Furnace Gas Leaks

Another potential concern that homeowners need to take is to be observant for signs of a gas leak. Gas typically has an unpleasant and noticeable odor, but there are instances when homeowners have stuffy noses or when they leave the home after leaving the gas on the stove turned on. The furnace may have a gas leak in a remote area of the home that is difficult for homeowners to observe regularly. When you use gas-powered features in your home, always ensure that they are in good condition and that the gas is being used safely. Gas can cause an explosion, and it can be harmful to inhale.

Water Heater Leaks

Water heaters may also develop gas leaks, but this is not the only hazard to look for. These appliances are prone to developing water leaks over time. Some water heater leaks are minor, and the moisture may go undetected until significant water damage has occurred in the home. Other water leaks pour gallons of water into the home in very short period of time. Scheduling periodic maintenance service on the water heater may help you to avoid some of these issues.

You can see that there are several risks that are potentially devastating and that may be difficult for homeowners to detect. Now that you are more aware of what these risks are, you can take thoughtful steps to minimize or even to prevent them from impacting your home and family.

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