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Keep Your Family Safe: 4 Home Inspections to Carry out to Help Prevent Accidents

Many homeowners think about accidents in terms of how everyone in a home interacts with their environment. For example, they might worry about someone accidentally cutting their hand while prepping food. They might worry about someone falling from a ladder or slipping on a wet sidewalk. Yet structural problems that result from poor home maintenance and upkeep can also cause accidents. In fact, these building problems can sometimes cause worse accidents than the ones people typically consider the norm. Regular building inspections by experienced professionals can help keep your family safe. Consider the following:


It goes without saying that the foundation of your home plays a critical role in keeping the heavy structure from collapsing in on itself. Over time, a level foundation can experience disturbances that cause it to crack and weaken. In some areas, parts of a foundation can sink or rise up depending on how the ground shifts around and beneath it. Common causes of this type of shifting include heavy nearby road or train traffic, subsidence from old mines and natural limestone sinkhole formation from underground karst topography. House Foundation Repair Specialists can determine if your foundation has experienced any problems that might result in the eventual collapse of part or all of the structure and make recommendations and repairs.


Most people know that insects like termites and carpenter bees can damage important wooden support beams. Even if you’ve never had any problems with wood burrowing insects, a pest control inspection is still necessary as it can also reveal any nuisance wildlife, such as mice, rats, chipmunks and squirrels, that have burrowed or chewed through building materials. Animals that chew through building materials not only pose a structural collapse hazard, but also a fire one since they often chew wiring in the walls. Rats have also been known to even chew holes in concrete patios, pathways and driveways. Any damage to these areas can result in serious falls.


Pipe and related problems in a home can also cause accidents. For example, small leaks can result in slips and falls. Wall leaks and basement flooding can lead to accidental immune system damage from mold growth. The wrong type of drain pipe under the sink can result in dangerous sewer gas released into a home. Outside your house, a leak can cause the ground to subside, which is another fall hazard. Septic leaks that result in falls and exposure to hazardous human waste can cause accidental serious infections, especially in anyone who already has a compromised immune system. Needless to say, a regular plumbing inspection from an experienced professional can protect your family from not only obvious accidents, but also health damage that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.


Of all the structures of your home, the roof takes the most beating daily. It is bombarded by harsh solar rays during clear and warm days and rain, ice and snow on cold ones. The wind regularly rips at it. Pests often try to nest in it. The daily wear and tear damages shingles and other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles, for example, lose their textured surface over time, which makes them slick and difficult to walk on. As a result, it’s critical that you hire a roofer to inspect your roof at least twice a year to make certain that it’s able to continue to take these hits without collapsing or leaking. Also, a professional can help determine if the roof is safe to walk upon when you need to remove leaves, branches and other debris after a storm.

All of these inspections and any related repairs require that you pay a professional. Yet, you shouldn’t look at professional help in making your home safer as a waste of money. If someone is injured while visiting your property as the result of a structural problem, you might have to pay a lot more than if you merely kept your home in its best possible shape. Also, by performing regular maintenance checks, you reduce the chance of expensive emergency repairs down the line.

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