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Keep Your Family Safe With These 4 Technologies

Keeping the family safe is always going to be a parent’s first priority, and this ongoing job is going to be quite a bit easier with modern technology. From small startups to world-renowned companies, everyone is looking to produce the next big breakthrough in safety tech. Here is a look at four of the most advanced options that are available today.

Swimming Pool Alarms

While a safety gate will be one of the most important pool safety tools, swimming pool alarms are a great option for those that have family members that are not strong swimmers or even toddlers. These devices are placed along the outside of the pool with two small sensors near the water. When someone enters the swimming pool, is registered under a certain weight, and begins to flail around, the device will automatically alert the parents via an indoor receiver or through their smartphone.

Stick-and-Find Keys

Stick-and-find keys have become one of the most popular security and convenience devices that are available to all those with a smartphone. These keys can be as small as a coin and are attached to clothing, inside a bag, or even to a set of keys. The GPS tracker is accurate to within just a few meters and the information is transmitted directly to the corresponding smartphone with the provided app. This can help you from losing your precious devices or keys and can be a great help.

Automated Home Security

Home automation is not only a great way to keep one’s family and home safe, but to also improve convenience and efficiency throughout the home. Home automation and security systems can linked to any number of electronics throughout the home ranging from motion sensors and cameras to door locks and the heating system. These can all be controlled through any device connected to the internet including laptops and tablet PCs.


Ray-Dar SunMate is a relatively new product that is being popularized due to an increase in skin cancer risks around the world. This is a handheld, battery-operated device that can fit into a pocket and pulled out whenever the family enters the sun. In a few moments time, the simple light display will inform the parents of the UV threat and when direct sunlight is no longer safe.

By utilizing technology, parents have the ability to keep their families safer than ever. With companies like this Southern California Security Center you can be sure to feel like you home is a safe a secure place to congregate. Whether it is inside the house or on the other side of the world, these few small devices and services can prevent countless accidents, injuries, and mishaps.

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