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Keeping Summer Fun For the Whole Family

Summertime. Warm weather. Swimming pools. Playing outside until the sun goes down. These are the days children live for. School is out and every day promises a new adventure. It’s amazing to watch the transformation from student to carefree kid occur. From the moment they get off the bus on the last day of school until they get on again at the end of summer break, kids of all ages become open to what the day will reveal in a way that they can’t be during the school year filled with schedules to keep and general hustle and bustle. They are free to be who they are – young, happy, and alive. Following these tips will help you and your kids look forward to warmer weather and have more fun during those summer months.

As parents, we have a responsibility to keep summer that way for the kids. To do that, we have to make sure that we prepare for the things that could happen. If not, we run the risk of spoiling the fun. Here are four things that parents should prepare for during the summer months:

All Things Insect

Bugs live outside. Kids are outside all day during the summer. They are bound to meet each other along the way. You’ll want to have some medication on hand should your kiddo get a bug bite or sting that continues to irritate them. Over the counter drugs like Neosporin and Benadryl work well for pesky bites and stings. If you prefer a home remedy, melaleuca oil numbs the bite or sting within five minutes. Before treating bites and stings, make sure to know what kinds of medications your kids are ok with using. Sometimes a bee sting becomes much more than just a sting if your child has an allergic reaction to the medication you give them!

Dress for the Weather

That can mean three outfits in one day! Be sure to clothe your kids in loose-fitting outfits that give them plenty of room to move. Trendy clothes should be relegated to going out to dinner or a movie, unless you don’t care if they get dirty. Some areas get chilly in the evening so it is wise to keep a light jacket on hand as well. Dehydration is much more common during the summer time, so wearing lighter colors like, white, light blue etc.. These colors tend to reflect instead of absorb the sun rays that are all too common in the summer.

Poison Ivy

Spotting poison ivy can help you avoid this common summer nuisance. If you see a single stem with three leaves on top – one rising in the middle off a short stem and the other two coming directly off the main long stem – leave it alone. This will save you from having to slather calamine lotion all over them for days.

Stay In Touch

It is easier than ever to keep in touch with your kids when they go outside. You’ll still have to sit outside or perch in a window and watch the younger kids play, but the older ones, who are inclined to walk out of sight to a friend’s house without telling you, can use modern technology. Give them a cell phone and call them when you want to know where they are. This promotes their independence while still letting you keep tabs on them. If they’re too young for a cell phone, then make sure you know the area that they’re playing in. Having a fenced in yard is huge plus when in comes to your kids safety if you happen to become occupied with something that takes your attention away from your little ones for a second.

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