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Keeping the Family Safe – 4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Family’s Safety

One of parents’ foremost concerns is keeping their families safe. There seems to be so many things to worry about these days, including neighborhood crime and diseases as well as fires and natural disasters. These four easy tips will help families increase their overall safety without having to take too much time out of their busy schedules.

Security Locks

Every home should have maximum security locks on all doors leading to the outside. The best type of lock is a deadbolt with a strike plate. These locks include a bolt, also known as a throw, which can be manually extended about an inch into the doorjamb. The bolt can be turned with a key from the outside or with the thumb from inside. A strike plate using 3.5-inch screws should also be installed to protect against a forceful entry. Of course, these locks only work for the family when they consistently. Homeowners can check with the American National Standards Institute to find the highest rated locks.

Security System

Another way to protect the family against intruders is with a security system. Although many of these are easy enough to be installed oneself in a weekend, the easiest option is to have a security system professional install the monitor, motion detectors and door and window sensors. These systems can be used when the family is away, but the door and window sensors can also be set when the family is at home for the night.

Cars In Good Repair

This is one aspect of safety that gets overlooked quite a lot. With money tight for most families across America these days, buying a newer car is usually not an option for a lot of people. This means that you’ll be driving an older car, which is usually prone to more breakdowns than newer cars. In order to make sure your family is safe on the road, you should try your best to keep your vehicles in good repair. Consider consulting places like Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler to make sure your car’s brakes are in good repair, among other car concerns.

Emergency Kit

Finally, an emergency preparedness kit is simple to create and easy to grab should a family need to evacuate their house suddenly. The American Red Cross is a great resource for each of the items that should be included in this kit. For example, families should include water, batteries, a flashlight, non-spoiling food, maps and a first aid kit.

Family safety can be increased even by choosing to adopt one of these four easy tips. These are simple ways to protect family from bad weather, burglars and dangerous poisons. In addition, adding these safety features to homes provides parents with unique moments to teach their children more about safety.


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