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Keeping Your Family Safe and Secure When You Have a Broken Window

One of the windows in your home can break for a variety of different reasons from bad weather to vandalism. When this happens, you need to do a few things in order to keep your family from being injured. Here’s how you can keep your family safe and secure when you have a broken window.

Clean Up the Glass

As soon as you notice that the window is broken, you need to clean up the broken glass. Use a broom. If there are large pieces, you can remove them using your hands. However, be careful and wear gloves so that you don’t cut yourself. Avoid vacuuming the glass up as it can ruin your machine. If you do use a vacuum to find small glass fragments, use one of the hose attachments and put a stocking or other thin piece of fabric over the opening. When you’ve collected the glass, you can dispose of them safely before turning off the vacuum. 

When you’re done, thoroughly check the area to ensure that you’ve removed even the tiniest of glass shards. It may be a good idea to have your family wear shoes or socks in that area for a couple days, in case there are a few missed shards. Keep pets away from the area as well.

Inspect Other Windows for Damage

If one window is broken, other windows may be broken as well. Inspect all of your windows that are nearby to see if any of them are in need of window replacement. Take your time, and look for cracks or chips in each of your windows. If the original window was damaged from something like a fallen limb or hail, there’s a good chance that at least one of your other windows is broken or damaged as well.

Keep Children and Pets Away From It

It’s imperative that you keep children and pets away from the broken window. There could be glass located around the area that you just don’t see. They can easily cut themselves if you aren’t careful. Broken windows also pose a danger as your home won’t be as secure. Both children and pets can get outside if there is a broken window by trying to go through an uncovered, broken window. If you can’t get the window repaired immediately, make sure to cover the broken window as well as possible.

Have the Window Repaired

You need to have the broken window repaired as quickly as possible. Don’t wait to do it as you are just putting your family in harm’s way. Have a reputable glass repair company come out to your home and take care of the window replacement for you. It probably can be done in just an hour or two. The longer you wait to have it fixed the more you open yourself and your family to potential danger. In addition to the risk of injury for a family member, you also make your home susceptible to burglars

If you have a broken window, you need to act immediately. Make sure you clean up all of the broken glass, inspect the remainder of your windows, keep your children and pets away from the window, and call a glass repair company to come out to fix it immediately. By doing all of these things, you can keep your family safe and secure during this time.

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