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Kid Complaints: Tips to Combat Common Childhood Health Issues

It seems like health issues can strike your child at any time. With children playing closely during the school day, they share everything. While it may seem that childhood health problems are hard to avoid, below are some tips to help some of the more common ones.

Hand Washing Skills

With everything your child is exposed to, it is important to teach them to not only wash their hands after they have used the bathroom, but also after they have covered their mouth, or might have come in contact with another child’s saliva. If they can’t easily wash their hands throughout the day, send them to school with hand sanitizer.

Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet will help ensure your children get the daily required values of vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients that can help strengthen their immune systems. Cook with natural ingredients like vegetables, meats, dairy, and fruit.

Keep Them Home

Do your part in helping children stay healthy by keeping your child home when they are not feeling well. While it is impossible to keep your child home every time this occurs, keeping them home when they have certain health problems is beneficial.

Enough Sleep

Sleep is not only important to combat fatigue throughout the day, it is also the time that the body has to repair itself. Ensure your child is getting the proper amount of quality sleep per night for their age. Keep a nightlight near the hall so they don’t get scared of the dark, and make sure you have a good routine ready each night before bed.

Get Your Child Vaccinated

Regular vaccinations can keep children safe from health issues that can be picked up by younger children. Additionally, getting the flu vaccinations can reduce the risk of influenza strains.

Regular Checkups

Well-visits are important to maintaining your child’s health, as well as diagnosing any issues that may lead to more frequent or recurrent problems. Catching and treating these problems early can help reduce your child’s number of under the weather days.

Essential Oils

Essential oils like doTERRA oils can be utilized for supporting health. Some of the most common essential oils which can be used for the helping common childhood issues include:

Peppermint Oil – Works to promote healthy respiratory system.

Eucalyptus Oil – Helps to promote clear breathing.

Sandalwood Oil – Is used to relieve stress through diffusion.

Lemon Oil – Can be used to help cleanse the body and aid digestion.

Thieves Oil – Is often used for cleaning and creating a peaceful environment.

Try the tips above to help your child’s health and health issues your child may encounter on a daily basis.


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