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Kid Stuff: 3 Problems Your Child Can’t Handle on Their Own

As a parent, you understand that you cannot do everything for your child. Children need to learn how to cope with different events and experiences on their own as they mature into adulthood. Life lessons can only be taught through experiences. However, there are unfortunately some things that children are not equipped to deal with on their own. Parents must know when to step in. In some cases, parental support and guidance is all that is necessary. In other cases, a parent must intervene in a more significant way.


Some children will openly state that they are being bullied, or they may describe another child being mean to them on a regular basis. In other cases, parents must be vigilant for signs of bullying. When bullying is identified, parents should work with the school to put an end to the situation and to protect the child. Equipping the child with coping skills and seeking therapy for this type of event can also be helpful to many children.

Health Issues

There are many health issues that children can develop over the years. Most are relatively simple to deal with, such as a common cold or allergies. However, there are health issues that require regular medication, observation and more. ADHD is a common health issue that begins in childhood, and it may require lifelong medication to keep it under control. This type of issue may impact the child’s education, professional life, personal life and more, and parents need to provide children with the support and medical treatment they need to manage the condition. ADHD in children is relatively easy to treat, but can cause many problems if left unmanaged.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, can have a major impact a child as well. For example, when this issue goes undiagnosed, it can lead to developmental and educational stagnation. However, when children are properly supported and receive specialized educational assistance, they may thrive and learn how to be productive in a classroom environment. This is only one of many learning disabilities that can impact children and that require parental support and intervention.

You can see that children must receive assistance from their parents when dealing with some of these serious issues. In many cases, parents must seek assistance from others, such as doctors. These are issues that could impact a child’s entire life if they are not addressed properly. When you notice a problem developing with your child, research the possible solutions and treatments so that you can better determine if you need to intervene.

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