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Kids Afraid of the Dentist? Try These Tricks to Help Them Overcome Their Fears

Your kid is not the only one who is afraid of the dentist. The dental office is an unfamiliar place, and that may scare your kids. The following are a few tips and tricks that may help your child overcome this fear.

Visit the Place

One of the main reasons kids are afraid of the dentist is because they do not know the place as mentioned earlier. This is why you should consider visiting the dentist’s office with your child to tour the location. All you are doing is demystifying the dentist’s office so that your kid feels more comfortable with the setting and less scared.

Meet and Greet

Talk to a dentist like Family 1st Dental or someone similar about this fear. Most dentists have dealt with patients who were scared of them and have helped them deal with those fears. You want to talk to your child’s dentist so that he or she can help your child overcome this fear. Your child should talk to the dentist, and ask him or her any questions that may be in your child’s mind.

Scent of Relief

This one may not sound too plausible, but scents can help improve the entire experience. Lavender is quite calming, especially if you are using the natural scent from lavender essential oil. This should help your child feel a little more relaxed when he or she is at the dentist’s office. Think of the scent as a natural and safe relaxer, which should make the entire visit a breeze for your child. Keep in mind that this trick can be combined with the others mentioned here.

A Bit of Role Playing

It may be a good idea to employ a few coping techniques. Your dentist may have a few suggestions here, but a good one to consider is role playing. What you want to do is try to recreate the visit in your own home. Sometimes kids are scared of the dentist because their parents are scared, which children can sense. You want to show your kid that there is nothing to be afraid of, and teach him or her why this visit is important.

These are just some things you can do to make your kid’s oral care visit a little less scary. Do your best to employ each of these tricks, or try to get suggestions from your oral specialist. Be sure that when you do visit your child’s oral specialist that the two hit it off. Having good rapport makes the entire experience a little easier for your child.

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