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Kids and Cars: How to Help Your Teenager Find a Reliable Vehicle

Your teenager just got their driver’s license and they’re ecstatic. Now they want to borrow your car. If they’ve been working to save money for a set of wheels of their own, you may be ready to help them find that important first car. While they are focused on the look of the vehicle and the amenities it offers, you are more concerned with reliability. Here are a few ways you can help your teen find something that suits both of you.

Talk to Family and Friends

Let your family and close friends know you’re in the market for a new gently-used vehicle. They may have one they were thinking about selling. They will be able to tell you about its history such as what parts have been replaced and any problems they have had with it. Since they care about your family, you can be fairly certain they won’t sell a lemon.

Check out the Local Newspaper

While many people use the internet for everything, there are still those who prefer to place ads in local newspapers. You may find an older person who has a well-cared-for vehicle for sale. Often, these vehicles have lower mileage and are reliable, safe cars.

Use Social Media

You can find your teen’s first vehicle through social media in a few different ways. You can post on your page to let your friends know you’re looking for something. They can share your post so that it reaches more people. You can also look at online sales sites. Many of these are local groups, and they often have vehicles for sale. Whether you are interested in buying a Chevy pickup or a family sedan from another manufacturer, you can find a variety of models available for sale. Some companies, such as Young Chevrolet, know that this can be a great way to find a new vehicle.  You can also ask people for performance reviews on specific vehicles they have experience with.

Online Sales Sites

You’ll also find deals on sites like Craigslist. You just have to read the ad carefully and make sure you go with your teen or even take a mechanic friend with you to check out the vehicle. If you decide to go with this option, get the VIN number so that you can look it up and make sure it hasn’t been stolen or damaged.

Buying a vehicle is a big experience for a first-time driver. You can teach your kids how to make a smart purchase and how to be safe when buying from a stranger by using the right resources when buying a vehicle.

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