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Little Scientists: 3 Activities To Encourage STEM Education At Home

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Encouraging children to be more interested in science and technology is something that parents can accomplish from their own homes. STEM education was a major initiative during the administration of President Barack Obama; however, greater autonomy was given to each state in terms of curriculum design and course delivery.

A solid STEM foundation is vital for the individual prospects of children as they grow up and prepare to join modern society. The idea is to make them feel comfortable with subjects related to science, mathematics and technology. The idea is to not fall into the erroneous educational patterns of previous centuries, when many people developed an aversion to math.

The three activities below will motivate children to start looking at the world from a more scientific point of view:

Home Robotics

Children tend to be fascinated by robots that they can put together and control. The advantage of robotics as an educational field is that it combines elements of programming, math and physics as well as lots of critical thinking. Home robotics kits are getting more affordable each day; for example, a tin can robot set sells for less than $20 and allows children to complete projects with only an empty soda can, batteries and a screwdriver. A more advanced kit would be the Dash Robot from the Wonder Workshop, which can be found for under $150 and can teach several coding problems via smartphone apps. There are many STEM resources, such as those found at Buckeye Educational Systems.

How Babies Change Their Mothers

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago keeps a website filled with fun STEM experiments and learning experiences for children. One of their lessons is called “Make Room for Baby,” an interactive games that shows physiological changes that occur to mothers when they become pregnant and how they adjust to their new anatomy and emotional state. This fascinating activity includes comments from mothers about the changes they experience.

Cooking With Science

Although just about all of us know how to cook, we don’t realize that this household activity incorporates biology and chemistry lessons. Here’s a quick and fun lesson: homemade cottage cheese requires nothing more than milk, vinegar and salt. The educational portion can be found online by searching for chymosin, the milk protein that activates the curdling process.

The best thing about STEM lessons at home is that they can involve the entire family. Use the resources discussed above, and others you may find online to help you plan STEM activities for your children to enjoy.


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