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Lockdown Fever? 5 Skills Your Kids Should Learn

You are not alone if you are struggling to try to come up with new ideas to entertain your kids during this challenging time of quarantine. Instead of looking at this extra time as something to simply fill, you should look at it as an opportunity to teach your kids some valuable life skills. Here are five skills that you can consider to encourage your child to learn to make this time of lockdown as enriching as possible.

Cooking and Baking

This time at home presents countless opportunities to teach your children their way around a kitchen. How you involve your kids in the cooking process is largely dependent on the ages of your children. You can take this one step further by also involving your children in the meal planning and grocery shopping process. This will also give you the opportunity to tie in budgeting skills. Planning specific theme nights and asking your kids to find recipes is a fun way to make this interactive. Cooking together is also an ideal family bonding activity.

Vehicle Maintenance Skills

If you have a teenager in the house, this is a great opportunity to teach your child about basic vehicle maintenance. With many vehicle servicing venues closed during quarantine, this is a good time to service your own car and teach your kids these skills in the process. Skills to consider teaching include how to change your vehicle’s oil, how to rotate tires and replace a flat, how to jumpstart a dead battery, and how to refresh windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze. You will feel better when your teens take to the road if you know that they are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to take care of their own vehicle.

Music Production

Learning about the exciting world of music production will spark your child’s imagination and help to bust boredom while in lockdown. While you may think that this is impossible with everything closed, however,  there are a host of online vendors that make it possible for you to develop this skill. You will find that the best music production tutorials are comparable to online instruction, giving your child personalized attention tailored to their skill level. If your child has any interest at all in music, learning the production end of this passion will help them to express themselves in creative ways.

Basic First Aid

It is never too early to teach your children basic first aid skills. Learning first aid skills will stay with you for the rest of your life, making this a practical investment of your time. Start this learning process by opening up a first aid kit and explaining to your child about the functions of all of the contents. As you experience bumps and bruises during this time of lockdown, you can ask your child to help you to use the supplies. In this same category, you can also work in teaching hygiene skills such as proper handwashing.

Household Chores

You will not regret taking this time to teach your child how to help around the house. If your child is old enough, laundry is a good place to start. Even toddlers can help with sorting clothes and matching socks. Once your children reach the tween years, they may even be responsible enough to be in charge of their own laundry. During this time of uncertainty, keeping their room clean and making their bed each morning will keep them on a schedule. With everyone home all of the time, your dishes are likely out of control. Enlisting the help of your children to load and unload the dishwasher is an easy way to get them involved and lighten your own chore load. As a bonus, you will appreciate that your child now knows how to perform all of these chores once life resumes at its normal pace and you are busy again.

Rather than looking at this time in lockdown as a hindrance, you can shift your focus so that you see it as an opportunity to empower and enlighten your children. Your family will emerge from quarantine feeling better what they have learned and accomplished if you focus on these five skills.

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