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Looking To Move? 5 Great Cities For Families And Work

Are you a young professional with a family who is looking to work in an exciting city with great job possibilities? If so, you are probably looking for a city with great nightlife, good schools and positive job outlooks. Check out the list below to see if one of these five cities is the choice for you!

Las Vegas

The housing bust struck Sin City hard but an abundance of vacant housing and nice weather make it an attractive location for families with children. There are many homes in the community that are fairly new and Vegas is popular due to the many outdoor activities that are available all year round. If you are looking to start your career, more and more companies are locating operations in the state due to lax tax laws. This loophole could be your ticket to a high paying job.

Salt Lake City

About 5 hours north and a world away from Vegas is the gorgeous Salt Lake City. While the weather is not nearly as warm as in Vegas, the Salt Lake job market is booming and enjoys one of the lowest major metropolitan unemployment rates in the nation. Friendly people and an abundance of school teachers make Salt Lake City a wise choice for a professional looking to balance life and career.


Deep in the heart of Texas, you will find the city of Houston. The city enjoys a strong economy thanks to many energy producers and government agencies and also boasts an exciting array of entertainment options. A revitalized city center has led to more and more urban leasing for today’s family oriented professionals. To find lofts in Houston for rent, all you need to do is look online. Great jobs and a nice lifestyle await in Houston.


Many will be surprised to see this city make the list of most desirable cities, but a low cost of living and an uptick in the number of green start-ups moving to the area make it an attractive, albeit interesting, option for job seekers with children.


A small city with the charm of an era gone by, Omaha is a great place for a family to establish roots. Jobs pay well in this area of the country and the crime rate is extremely low. Families will enjoy the laid back lifestyle and will be able to spend lots of time together.

Choose one of these cities for your next job!

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