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Lost Touch With A Loved One? Five Ideas For Breaking The Ice Again

Sometimes, we can lose touch with relatives and dear friends, despite our best intentions. Maybe one of you moved far away from the other. Maybe you just became so busy that you slowly fell out of touch. Maybe you had a falling out. Whatever the reason for your distance, you may decide eventually that you want to re-connect. 

Establishing a relationship may be difficult or awkward at first, but you can try some of these tips for breaking the ice and getting to know one another again:
Looking to get in touch with a lost relative? Here are some ideas to reopen the relationship.

Reminisce about Happy Memories

While you wait to find new things you have in common, get the conversation flowing by talking about happier times that you’ve already shared. If you’ve had a falling out, be careful about what memories you resurrect. Even the happy ones can bring up ill feelings when they are compared to what caused you to grow apart.

Talk about Other Family Members

When you stall for conversation, turn it to other people that you have in common: Your family members (or perhaps your shared close friends). Talk about what they are doing now and fond memories you share. You may get the conversation flowing enough to open up other topics of conversation and get to know each other again.

Find Activities You Enjoy Together

A good movie, a game of cards or a hike on a scenic trail may be enough to get your minds off how awkward the situation is and get you talking about other things. Doing activities you both enjoy can help you find common ground and learn how to have a good time together again.

Invite Them to Events

Start making your estranged loved one part of your life again by inviting him or her to parties and special events. The group setting will allow the person to get to know you and the people in your life in an informal way that can take the pressure off.

Provide Thoughtful Gifts

When your loved one has a special celebration or event coming up, give a special gift, such as bat mitzvah or Catholic confirmation gifts. Instead of just giving a gift on their birthday, you are showing that you care and have given special thought to expressing that.

Re-establishing a relationship after a long time apart or a falling out can be difficult. You can use these tips to help you get past that initial awkward phase and to start creating a special new relationship.

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