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Love Thy Neighbor: How To Strengthen Relationships With Neighbors And Friends

When we talk about cultivating bonds, we immediately think about our relationship with our family and friends. How about our relationship with our neighbors? How many of us actually take the time to talk to our neighbors?

Today’s lifestyle does not encourage friendships between neighbors. Most people drive straight to their work every morning and into their garage at night. They even hire lawn services and spend time in their backyards instead of in their front lawns; thus, it is very easy not to know anything about their neighbors. However, you need to realize that taking the time to get to know your neighbors is very important. According to safety experts, neighborhoods become safer and friendlier when the people living there know and lookout for each other. You can be a good neighbor and get to know who are living near you with these simple tips.

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Smile And Say Hello: Sometimes, all it takes to connect with a neighbor is to smile and greet them respectfully. It is the simplest way of making contact. If you enjoy walking up and down your street, you can take the extra effort to be friendly to your neighbors. Step out of your comfort zone and give your neighbor a simple, friendly wave. Doing so can go a long way.

Strike A Conversation: Most neighbors love to make small talk; thus, it is okay to be the one to break the ice. As you see your neighbor work in their front yard or at the public park, you can strike a conversation. You can ask how their children are- whether their children are still toddlers or in college. You can also offer help in case they need any, or ask what they think of the increase in prices at the local supermarket.

Set Up A Neighborhood Watch Program: According to Hayden Homes, your neighbors can help you in case of an emergency. To make it easier to call for help, it is best that you set up a neighborhood watch program. In doing so, you can easily send important information to your neighbors. For instance, if a neighbor’s car has been burglarized during the night. The next day, the neighborhood watch can send a warning message to residents to keep their valuables inside their homes instead of in their cars and make sure they lock up at night. This will encourage safer communities.

Be Considerate: If you borrowed something from your neighbor, such as a gardening tool, you should return it as soon as you are finished using it. If your pet or your children broke something that belong you to your neighbor, you should replace them. These acts of consideration will encourage friendship and help cultivate your bonds.

Host A Party: You can consider throwing a block party and invite your neighbors. You can have a neighborhood BBQ party or host an ice cream paty at the end of the summer. This is a fun and enjoyable way of connecting with your neighbors. This is also a good way to meet new neighbors who recently moved in your block. Those who are in the neighborhood watch program are usually in charge of throwing such parties and they can arrange a few fun activities for children as well.

Cultivating bonds between neighbors doesn’t take a lot of effort. All you need is to step out of your comfort zone, respect their feelings, and offer a helping hand when it’s needed. Strengthening neighborhood relationship will not only help you make friends, but also build a strong and safe community.

Guest Author

Kris Bennette has been writing professionally for more than two years. In this article, she offers a few tips for strengthening relationships between neighbors for a safer community.

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