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Loved One Struggling With Their Marriage? Six Ways You Can Help Without Overstepping

It’s never any fun when your friends or relatives are having relationship problems. Before you offer your two cents, however, keep in mind that overstepping is much easier than you think, and poking your nose in their business can lead to arguments and even permanent grudges. If you’re serious about helping your loved ones without crossing any invisible lines, here are a few tips.

Listen Without Judgement

There’s no room for “I told you so” in a real exchange of feelings. What your friend needs is a sympathetic ear, not a condemnation for whatever is going on in their life, so keep your judgements to yourself while they’re crying on your shoulder.

Take Them Out

Many relationship issues stem from a combination of close proximity and stress. When your loved one never gets time away from their spouse, their home can turn into a powder keg just waiting to explode. Diffuse this bomb by getting your loved one out of the house and away from their problems for a while.

Find Them a New Hobby

In the same vein as the above, it can be very beneficial to your friend to find them a new hobby. Not only will it get their mind off their troubles at home, but it can also re-direct their anger and aggression in a more constructive way. For example, they could take up kickboxing.

Beware Abuse Charges

While stopping domestic violence is an important cause worldwide, the sad truth is that many situations get misunderstood and distorted by upset couples in unhappy relationships. If you suspect this is the case with your loved ones, you might want to have a domestic violence lawyer on retainer in case of false charges. An Assault and Family Violence Attorney in Collin County can help you understand the legal process surrounding domestic violence.

Affirm Their Values

Churchgoers should reach out to their congregations. Parents should take trips with their children. Whatever your friend respects and values is what will get them through their woes, so help them connect with those resources and start feeling better.

Find Them Real Help

At the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do. Your friend might need the professional help of a counselor or lawyer to truly solve their problems. In these cases, a recommendation or referral to professional services can make all the difference in the world.

These are just a few suggestions for supporting your loved ones through marriage problems. Intentions matter a lot when it comes to matters of the heart, so as long as you’re honest about your goodwill and cautious about causing offense, you should be able to make a real, tangible difference in their lives.

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