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Making Memories: 4 Ways to Share Passions with Your Children

One of the greatest things you can do for your children is to help them form last, meaningful memories. If you have hobbies or interests do your best to include your children in them. They’ll likely be intrigued by them and consider taking them up as well. These are four ways to share passions with your children.

Share Your Favorite Music

Some of our most formative memories come from hearing a certain song for the first time. Your kids might not like everything you play for them, but there’s a good chance they’ll latch onto something. This can help spark conversations about why they like certain songs. It can also create nostalgic memories for them, as they look back in fondness about listening to these songs with you.

Coin Collecting

There’s more to money than just spending. Coin collecting involves keeping rare and/or valuable coins. Some of these may be decades if not centuries old. You can help your kids develop an interest in history, different cultures, and economy through coin collecting. As you find different coins, talk with your children about the different regions each coin is from and what the various engravings mean. This can act as a spring board for other branches of discussion about the world and the people in it.

Discuss Your Heritage

Genealogy is a fascinating topic that can teach us a lot. Your kids might take for granted that they are part of an unbroken genealogical line. Research your family’s history to help find how where you came from. This can help your kids to understand that they are part of history themselves and think about how their descendants might be learning about them in the future. Comprehension of your place in the grand scheme of things can be hugely important.

Read to Them

If you want to nurture a sense of creativity and wonder in your kids, you could try reading to them. Share your favorite age-appropriate stories with them. Ask them what they think will happen next and what their favorite parts are. These will help to engage their minds and allow them to become even stronger as readers. This could also lead to an interest in literature that leads to them pursuing a writing career.

Your influence as a parent is likely greater than you think. Who your children are is largely based on how you’ve affected their development. This influence can continue as long as you’re willing to keep putting in an effort. By sharing your passions with your children, you can show them how much it matters to keep interests up, even as you grow up.

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